Shreddies max protein at half price in tesco £1.24

Shreddies max protein at half price in tesco £1.24

Found 17th Nov 2016
It's at half price, my familys new favourite cereal
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They would be with the amount of sugar they put in them. There is a big difference compared to the normal ones.
It's crap, full of sugar and about 100ml worth of milk more protein than normal.
you get about 3 bowls out of this, Its an introductory price so it will be going up and they must be laughing because they found a way to sell broken shreddies to people that would have probably been binned the cranberry one is gross, haven't tried this one and probably wont as you don't get much.
Cold, junk food masquerading as healthy food. Do not be fooled. Buy the normal Shreddies as it has half the sugar of this crap. Add 50ml of milk to get the same protein level. Thats 3 tablespoons!
Edited by: "chocci" 18th Nov 2016
I love how many brands are chucking the word protein on products these days. Everyone wants a slice of the fitness boom pie
1g more protein than a normal bowl of shreddies lol
I can't believe people are still naive enough to buy this crap!
Thing is the body can only deal with so much protien per day. The rest goes straight out the usual exits

Can never understand why weightlifters guzzle over priced butter whey powder down thier throats.
best way to increase the protein is a bit extra milk, much more protein rich than mangled shredded mixed with overlysweet granola. got an almost free box from.sainsburys, having tried them, will never again
Protein hype: shoppers flushing money down the toilet, say experts - The Guardian…rts
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