Shrek the Third ticket FREE (with 3 Kellogg's products)
Shrek the Third ticket FREE (with 3 Kellogg's products)

Shrek the Third ticket FREE (with 3 Kellogg's products)

Shrek the Third Cinema Ticket (child)


to celebrate the release of Shrek the Third, Kellogg's is giving away FREE cinema tickets for under 15s

Collect 3 unique barcodes from special Kellogg's pack

Apply online HERE (although not available at the minute) or by post

You will receive your FREE ticket by post within 21 days.
The ticket is valid for any film

Closing date is June 30th 2008

Hope this help you guys with children

If you buy Kellogg's cereals anyway this is a good offer esp. if you find them on offer. Morrison's have then on offer at the minute (2 for £3 for 750g Frosties)

if you don't buy them it's not worth it

Website now available to check for participating cinemas - get collecting

- cheekymole


Do you know which cinema group will be honouring these ??

[COLOR="Green"]Unless you hate Wayne Rooney, how could anyone not love Shrek ? ! ? ! ?[/COLOR]http://www.lakeshoredrivein.com/images/shrek3.jpg

Original Poster

Sorry, cinemas not available at the minute.

Box states " All participating cinemas are listed on line and will be sent with ticket" (but not yet!)

[COLOR="Green"]Link to the Official Shrek 3 Dreamworks site...stacked full of stuff for the ankle-biters (Inc S3 Trailer)....[/COLOR]


Cant wait to go and see this!

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The website has now been updated guys, so start collecting

It looks like you can use these vouchers for ANY film not just Shrek

Good offer and it's available at our local cinema!
I'll remember to look out for special packs next time I restock the cereal!

Do you think that all codes are unique?
I have one code at the moment but if they are not I can post it on here later
(sorry would like to use it myself first!!!)
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