Shrink My Tunes (PC software) - £8.97 @ Amazon

Shrink My Tunes (PC software) - £8.97 @ Amazon

Found 23rd Nov 2007
Minimum Requirements
Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista
Pentium 200MHz
CD-ROM Drive
10MB HDD Space
4x more music on your iPod
4x more music on your Mobile Phone & MP3 player
Reduce the size of your music, increase your storage capacity
Works seamlessly with iTunes and any music player
Revolutionary new technology
Easy to install, simple to use
This information is based on specifications supplied by manufacturers and should be used for guidance only.

A music file that is normally 10MB will be reduced by up to 2MB. Using unique compression techniques developed by ex-NASA scientists, this revolutionary software allows users to store more music on all MP3 devices, including iPods and mobile phones.


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Found ]this review of the software

I can't think of anything more frightening than letting this near my music collection. Well... except for another hard drive failure.

Gah... MP3s shouldnt be compressed even more especially by 4x - really wouldnt recommend this at all.

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customer ]reviews on

smaller then MP3?

whats the point?

So this just compresses the hell out of your MP3 collection? Why would anyone want to do that and more to the point, who would pay 9 quid for the privilege of turning their mp3s to poop?


BTW, should anyone actually want to re-encode their MP3's I'd recommend LAME. It's completely free and is supposed to produce some of the best sounding MP3's out there.

More info here:…nes

I haven't voted either way as it's definitely not for me. Worth posting though as it's a good price for the software and will no doubt appeal to other HUKD members

Please remove this **** software from the site, it's for fools that believe everything they are told!


I use this software to fit more MP3s on player. Not one of the cold voters would tell the difference between the normal MP3s and the shrunk ones.

Save your money and use free tools such as lame or possible mencoder.
I can't imagine that this does any more than just transcodes you mp3s into a lower bitrate.
But then again it seems like the people who would pay for this software and then give it good reviews are probably the kind of people who think the free headphones that came with their mp3 player are really good.

Edit: I just loaded up the first sample from that review and it looks looks like they've cut the high frequencies off. The peak is now 14.5khz instead of 19.5khz on the original file.

Cold and pointless.
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