Shure E3C in-ear headphones - £59.99 @ Amazon
Shure E3C in-ear headphones - £59.99 @ Amazon

Shure E3C in-ear headphones - £59.99 @ Amazon

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Shure e3c white.

this was posted at 69.99 a while back but as i went to buy their priced had droped by another 10 pounds!

arguable the best for the money, and i dont doubt it at this price.

these are priced at $199 on the Shure website. and go for £80 to £125 on ebay.

the black ones unfortunately are still considerably more expensive...
- lionel


[SIZE=2]Hi lionel, welcome to the forums!!! I've added a bit of info to the title... [/SIZE]

Thanks & Welcome to HUKD lionel


great deal for these..... voted hot!

wondered what the hel they were
had to clck the link
recommend adding a bit more info in the title though

Welcome to HotUKDeals lionel and Thanks for your first post

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hello new friends! thank you for the welcome. har har.

yes well the thing is that i wrote a wicked description the first time and then the page screwed up when i submitted it, so i wrote a pretty **** poor one after that. sorry.

i'll see if i can work out how to amend my post.... bear with me.

Great price!

£60 for earphones has the world gone mad?

If i had these in my ear and then switched to my SENNHEISER CX 300 which are like £40 cheaper. Would i notice the difference and is the difference worth £40?

Just curious is all...

Hmm, reviews suggest you would hear a difference, but if it's worth the additional £45 is a harder call! If the CX's were still at ~£40, then maybe so, but now they're down to £15 at Amazon, that's much trickier!

Yes you would notice a difference.

You'd be able to hear less of the outside world for a start, you'd need to turn down your mp3 player and it would also sound clearer. Anyway, £60 isn't that bad at all. I bought some E5C's recently - at £300 they were definately worth the money.

I've got a set of E3C's *for the bargain price at the time of £70* and love them for in the gym. Can't hear a thing from anyone else. Great on a plane or a train, in a box or with a fox.. err... sorry. Been reading Dr Seuss to my nephew.... :oops:

Also got a set of E2C's which these replaced. E3C's widdle all over them from a great height. Especially in the size stakes. They are not that much bigger than the CX300's either.

They do take some getting used to, especially as they require a good seal to work properly. Use the yellow foam tips for best quality imho *if anyone can find a good deal on these, I'd certainly be happy. ;)*

£60 - bargain.


If you can afford to spend £300 on a pair of headphones then.....You have too much money!

Ahhh, Jeeves - pass me another Mohibo cigar please - I need to burn some more £50 notes...:p

Nothing wrong with my pair of £20 headphones... wont be too bothered if I lose or damage them either....

I bought some in ear headphones with those bits that you insert into the ear canal from maplin for £5. In all honesty they sound just as good as my previous £30 sony in ear headphones and as a bonus these maplin ones actually stay in my ear when jogging etc.

Here they are maplin.co.uk/mod…9m4 however the glue that holds the buds tends to weaken so I just used some blue tack inside to hold them rock solid.

Well at 67 I stay with poundland as I'm half deaf anyway!

I have Shure E2C's at the moment which I use at the gym.

Is the E3C much better?


I have Shure E2C's at the moment which I use at the gym.Is the E3C much … I have Shure E2C's at the moment which I use at the gym.Is the E3C much better?

I have the e2s and the e3s. The e3s are much better from low end to top end. Check out the website for the specs. I use the e2s for the gym and walking the dog as i dont mind if their nicked/lost/broken. The e3s cost well over £100 this time last year. Spend the money if you can, remember its all propertional to what your playing the sound on. Just like hifi kit


Will have to think about it.

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from the reviews i read, the e3c are worth the upgrade from the e2c. but if there's nothing wrong with your e2c's i wouldn't bother.

i bought a pair of e3c (and am waiting for delivery) because my e2c's have a loose connection now. also the e3c are way smaller and look nicer, i've had a few comments from friends about my e2c's looking like hearing aids... hmm.

read this review. music1online.com/der…tml

this guy reckons he'd pick the e3c over anything on the market including the way more expensive e5c...
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