SHURE SE215 headphones - £45 Delivered @ Dixons! Now back in stock!

SHURE SE215 headphones - £45 Delivered @ Dixons! Now back in stock!

Found 31st Jan 2012
This deal went out of stock rather quickly, and now its back in stock and i asked a mod to un-expire it.

Was about to purchase these classy sounding mini cans but luckily found a cheaper price at Dixons. Way way cheaper.

Previously posted at £73 -…466

Averaging at £69 minimum elsewhere.

Free delivery 3 - 5 working days. And in stock! Great cans for a great price.

Decent review at Whathifi -…215 4/5 stars.

Current prices compared.. £72.99
MyMemory £72.99
Advanced MP3 Players £73.90
iHeadphones £79.99
Juno Records £73.49
Currys £99.99
HiFi Headphones £99.95
Conrad Electronic UK £99.99
Amazon £73.99
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Very tempted...
OOS now

OOS now

Check again It keeps on going out of stock and back in stock again.

Edited by: "fluidz" 31st Jan 2012

Check again

Nope, still OOS
And now showing as £94.99
OOS and price back to £95. Expired. Bargain at £45.
Never been this price before on Amazon:
looking for one such great headphones. any suggestions with such bargains?
missed this one.
good lord what an amazing deal that was
Back in stock! Be quick!
Just ordered thanks OP
Fantastic saw the thread the other day and have been checking on and off and finally managed to order a pair - so old Shure 110s to my wife and a new pair of 215s for me

Thanks fluidz for letting us know
cheers op thanks just ordered.
Me too, just managed to get a pair.

Not currently available!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR missed them again!!
Missed it by about 30 mins Knew I shoulda gotten up earlier today...
Reckon they'll restock again? Gutted missed it again...zzz

Reckon they'll restock again? Gutted missed it again...zzz

Probably, but anybodies guess as to when. I checked it late last night (about 3am) before going to bed and they were still out of stock, so guess it's a case of luck...!
They're back in stock now, but at £95. Offer over perhaps...?
Received mine, fantastic for the price, thanks OP
Mine got sent out yesterday so hopefully with me on Monday
i wish they would do this again :[
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