Sicario [Blu-ray+HD UV] £6.00 in store @ Fopp
Sicario [Blu-ray+HD UV] £6.00 in store @ Fopp

Sicario [Blu-ray+HD UV] £6.00 in store @ Fopp

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One of the best films of last year in my opinion. Also in Hmv's 5 for £30 (in store)

Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin star in this action thriller from director Denis Villeneuve.

FBI agent Kate Macer (Blunt) is recruited by government official Matt Graver (Brolin) to join a team, led by mysterious consultant Alejandro (Del Toro), on a secret mission to bring down a drug lord in Mexico. The operation is fraught with danger and Kate finds herself forced to reconsider what she stands for as she tries to successfully complete the mission and make it out alive...


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For anyone with a Netflix account, this has just been added

Oh FFS, I ordered a 3 for £20 deal from HMV just last week and was hoping Sicario was in it but it wasn't (just £6.99 on its own). Oh well, I'll just have to get it elsewhere - I'm sure everyone else will be matching this price - or just order another 3 for £20/5 for £30 (though there isn't much else in the offer I'm after).

PS: I got Citizen Kane (pre-order!), THX 1138 (to replace my old copy that doesn't work on my Blu-ray player) and Ed Wood, if anyone's interested. Worth getting those first two especially, since Citizen Kane is obviously a must-buy and THX has been unavailable for some time now (and the old disc doesn't work properly...on my player it just plays the FBI warning and then asks you to put a USB stick in, but the disc didn't load even if I did).

Actually watched this on Netflix last night, really good film. If you enjoyed Narcos, this will be right up your street.

free on Netflix

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free on Netflix

Free Netflix ? (_;)

Was surprised to see this on Netflix already. We watched it and enjoyed it (well I did).

Thought del Toro was excellent in this and made me search out more of his films.

Saw this at the cinema, thought it was awful. Slow and never got anywhere.


free on Netflix

Netflix isn't exactly free

Thought this was quite good, bit slow going but story just good enough to make it worth while. Not sure i would have enjoyed at the cinema though.

I fell asleep watching this it was that exciting.

Obviously not for everyone but was 10/10 for me.

one of my favourite film's of last year and many years. tense and nerve wracking at times. adored it in the cinema

It was incredible and intense cinematic fair - that soundtrack!

I loved it. Hot from me.

Film has a great start but then it sort of dies. watched on Netflix would not recommend to buy but good price

Got this for 5 on blu ray.

Awful film in my opinion.

My god did it drag on
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