Sicily Sunlounger Set only £29.99 Instore @ Homebase

Sicily Sunlounger Set only £29.99 Instore @ Homebase

Found 22nd Jul 2010Made hot 23rd Jul 2010
* Lounge in the sun with this great Sicily Sunlounger Set.
* Features: Set consists of table and two sunloungers. Stackable sunloungers for easy storage.
* Dimensions of sunlounger in cm: (H)56, (W)68, (L)208.
* Dimensions of table in cm: (H)49, (W)45, (L)45..


Cost £60 last year, hot, I've kept mines out through the winter and they have had a real battering and stil going strong, no rust.

anyone know how big these are when collecting?


these usually rust like scrap iron. avoid

If htese are the same as the ones we got from Tesco online last year they are really good quality as they were originally over £100. They are also plastic coated so have not rusted at all even though they were out in the snow!!!!

What was the original price of these? If they were 60+ ill buy



They look the same as the ones that I bought from Tesco's. They are still going strong, fairly comfy and still look good.
On the downside storage wise, they do not fold away and are fairly large.

Thanks OP.

I looked at these last year. They were 60-70 at least for the set without the table, I'm sure! This is an excellent buy and the missus would love it - heat added.

Wonder if you can get sunlounger covers.....would stop the rusting (if this is a problem) and save sticking in shed every night.

Also wonder if they are comfy as they are or you'd be able to get cushions.

Phone my local and they are keeping me back a set so I'll go have a look later.

Thanks OP....having been looking for some cheap loungers for a year or so and it looks like I won't be looking any longer!

Like I said earlier, ifthey are the same as Tescos they don't rust, and were VERY expensive last year.

From reviews sounds like they are a nightmare to put together. Will let you know how I get on!…htm

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Just been and got a set from the ditch rrp £199 great price at £29 the box is huge and you will need 2 people to move it.
Wouldnt fit in my 320 estate so thats how big it is had to have the boot open to get home.......
Quality is VG and are plastic coated as well....................Gud buy go and get one!!!!!!!!

Any idea which stores have these in stock as they are out of stock online?

Would be happy to travel anywhere off the M1 from Watford to Derby!

Just picked a set up from Cheltenham. They had another 6 in stock. As for size, it fitted in my Vauxhall Insignia hatchback but it was a very tight fit.

Yep...picked mine up. Huge box so I asked if they'd mind if I unpacked it and left the box with them (saves bin space too). An old Ikea trick! No trouble getting it all in then.

Now to try and put 'em up.

Great price, it's just a shame they aren't adjustable or I would have got a set in a shot. 2 in stock at Rope Walk Bedford btw.


So, these aren't adjustable not much cop for reading and the like...they're purely for lying on and baking in the sun?? do realise what country we're in don't you?! For the 2 or 3 times a year you'd use these no wonder they're so cheap!!

That's number 1 up. Bit tricky aligning the screws but not too bad. Just hard turning them...but they do go in.

AND...have just had a go and I can confirm that you can get a very comfortable reading position by the introduction of a pillow behind the head. High technology solutions.

And the sun is out here too!

Right...number 2.

Bought these last year from tesco . Very comfy and rust proof, as they are aluminium and not steel.
Only downside is they're not adjustable.

none left at stockport now, inc display model. big box they come in but you can take out to make easier to get in the car. recommend a big car!
they had some left at cheadle heath, altrincham & warrington ealierbut things might hae changed now

I looked at these the other week when they were a good price but not this good a price! Might be tempted at that price!!!

Great find, but I would recommend checking stock instore. I ordered some before work. A colleague phoned a short while later to reserve & was told "no stock". A quick lunchtime visit & she had hers put aside! Excellent deal. Many thanks to the op.

just got one from wigan...there was 3 left on the floor including display.

REDUCED even further to £22.49.


One more thing...really heavy, just under 35kgs and an awkward box...really need 2 people to get it on the roof rack!
Many thanks OP
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great deal just picked up the last set from ewell store.used my trailer to collect it

Put mine together now and for 29.99 you can't complain!!

One was easy to assemble and one was difficult to get the holes aligned, but with a bit of force it went together ok. My set had a few scratches, but nothing too bad.

Well worth the money, thanks op.

There were a few left in Basingstoke store. The original selling price was showing as £199 on the ticket. They look really good and had every intention of buying some. I was put off though by the sheer size of the box, strange they didnt design them to fold. They were very comfy if you want to lay down but if you ever want to sit up you would (as someone above said) need a pillow.
Also obviously you cant lay on your front on these. Shame as they are a bargain.

There are none left in St Albans retail park. 2 more left in St Albans Hatfield Road I think. (I've got one reserved there that I'll be picking up this afternoon)
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