Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3 £9.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PS3 £9.95 delivered @ Zavvi

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Build. Discover. Dominate. Inspire.

Lead your civilization from the dawn of man to the space age and beyond, in all-new Civilization created exclusively for console. Go head to head with history's greatest leaders as you wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

-Developed from the ground up by legendary game designer Sid Meier.
-The best Civ multiplayer ever! Featuring ranked games, leaderboards and exclusive downloads.
-Choose your leader and defeat your rivals. Admire your accomplishments in the Hall of Glory.
-Triple your strength by combining three units into an army to pulverize your enemies.



Such a good price - got this at christmas for about £18 and is a great game if your into this sort of thing!

ill give it a whirl for under a tenner - not played anything like it before but gets great reviews

Played the demo on PSN a while back, good price!

They also have Bioshock and Baja for the same price. So tempted but spent too much on console stuff this last week with the Gamestation Wii offer.

What's it like compared to the pc version?

would get this if it had trophies well worth the price though

my £2.00 off voucher wont work so they can shove it !

not my kinda game but has got good reviews

Usually despatched within 2-4 weeks is the e-mail sent. :x long wait

I ordered it but the 2-4 week wait is a real bummer. I hope they don't go bust again in the meantime...

Good game, the demo is representative of the easiest level of play. The Game of the Week feature is a nice challenge too.

I love the PC version Civilization 4, which is why I don't like this. They've taken out a lot of things in this version to appeal to a greater audience, it's still a good game, but if you are a big fan of strategy games then I would recommend the PC version and all it's expansions. The complete edition is less than a tenner now, which is a bargain for such an awesome game!! I paid over £75 buying them separately when they first came out.…tml
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