Sid Meier's: Pirates! Wii Game only £7.99 Delivered @ Play
Sid Meier's: Pirates! Wii Game only £7.99 Delivered @ Play

Sid Meier's: Pirates! Wii Game only £7.99 Delivered @ Play

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The classic adventure by renowned creator Sid Meier, re-imagined for the Wii and taking full advantage of the Wii Remote.
Build a fleet: take the helm of one of 27 ships and enhance your ability to deal out high-seas destruction by upgrading to an assortment of powerful ammo, mighty cannons and other valuable nautical advancements. You can also change the look of your pirate and his dastardly vessel through the multitude of Wii-exclusive customisation options.
Use the Wii Remote to parry, counter and effectively out-duel your opponents into submission with lightning quick moves aboard ships, in taverns and even in the exclusive Governor's mansion.
Using the new Wii-specific mini-games, plunder enemy ports after you bombard them into obedient submission or escape challenging predicaments with your trusty lock-picking set and sail off into the high seas to resume your adventure.
Increase your riches and steal the heart of the Governor's beautiful daughter to earn gifts and valuable information that you will need on your journey.
Make your own story: challenge and pursue the most infamous pirates in history, including Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and Henry Morgan. If you piece together fragmented scraps of map, you can even discover their hidden treasure.


This game is so fun, dunno how well it's been converted to the Wii though! Well worth a go for £7.99

Now £3.99 !!!

Typical - Looked at cancelling it & re-ordering it but it's already being packed.
Oh well I don't buy my hubby wii games very often.

Price now showing at £11.44

Price now £16.63!


Price now £16.63!

That's playtrade not play

Back at 7.49 on the Amazon style sub-retail section.

Ordered. Thanks OP

9.70 now?

Picked this up from Play at £3.99 before Christmas, loved it on the Mac but yet to try it for Wii as I still haven't decided which console to buy!

I played this on NES once i think, although this is a remake of that game I think
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