Siemens Gigaset A580 IP DECT / VOIP Internet Cordless Phone £52.95 delivered @ Amazon UK
Siemens Gigaset A580 IP DECT / VOIP Internet Cordless Phone £52.95 delivered @ Amazon UK

Siemens Gigaset A580 IP DECT / VOIP Internet Cordless Phone £52.95 delivered @ Amazon UK

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Siemens Gigaset A580 IP DECT Cordless Phone

been looking for a new house phone that supports VOIP for a while, this is the cheapest i can find it online, new , and from an excellant retailer.

you can also get extra handsets for this here for £22.41


Can be used as a landline phone, in conjuction with voip providers. You can get voip accounts all over the show now, this phone plugs into your network as well as your phone line, fully customisable etc etc.

what this is ideal for is , say your a small buisiness, internet seller etc etc, sign up for a free account say from sipgate.co.uk , this will give your a free landline number , for nothing, nada, no monthly fees or setup costs, just an incoming landline number for free, for ever, all through your broadband, usuable anywhere (you can slso use it with a softphone on a pc, doesnt matter where you are, as long as you have net connection, handy for taking your number with you).

Also this will allow 6 upto 6 phones, with 6 different sip accounts, configurable so different handsets, have different numbers, and allows 3, YES THREE PHONE CALLS AT ONCE! ONE ON LANDLINE, AND 2 ON SIP ACCOUNTS.

A good use for this also, is the kids could have a handset each in the house, and each have there own landline numbers for there mates to ring them, safe in the knowledge they cant run up a bill unless you put credit on the account, and to call the number is the same as ring a standard landline number, if not cheaper. SIP to SIP (from same provider) is free. You can also get 1000 minutes a month from sipgate for £5.90.

like i say, ecellant phone, loads of good reviews, and the sipgate service is superb, you can have any geographical number in the uk you want, i got a local number to me, and if you miss a call, they email you your voice mail messages!!!.

chepest i could find, and works out cheaper to buy the phone and base, then buy handsets seperatly. these go for about £70 on ebay.

heres the techy bumpf


A580 IP
The phone for fixed line and VoIP calls without a PC

* Multiline flexibility: register up to 6 handsets and use up to 6 SIP accounts from multiple providers
* Internet and fixed line calls up to 3 in parallel
* Exceptional sound with High Definition Sound Performance ¹
* Worldwide free calling between Gigaset IP phones via Gigaset.net ¹


* PC-off convenience: VoIP calls and info services without a PC
* Dual mode to switch from fixed line to internet calls
* Multi-line for up to 6 handsets and 6 SIP accounts
* Up to 3 calls in parallel (2 internet calls and 1 fixed-line call) with multiple handsets
* Online net directory and Yellow Page Search
* Illuminated B/W display (3 lines + 1 line for soft keys)

heres sipgates website sipgate.co.uk


good if you just got virgin broadband to add a phone line with no line rental

Yeah, I've just checked out fleebay and this is definitely a good buy. I'm sorely tempted, now I've enrolled with sipgate (and BT has raised its charges!)

H+R :thumbsup:

my a58h handset arrived today; it's really nice and solid - actually better than the s68h handsets that came with my s685ip-twin kit!
the handset, btw, is for the bedroom so I didn't need the fancy features offered by the s68h

btw2. siemens are idiots. the base/charger for the s68 doesn't fit the a58h & vice versa. nearly but not quite. sigh,
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