Siemens IQ-100 WM14Q360GB Washing Machine £339@ inc delivery

Siemens IQ-100 WM14Q360GB Washing Machine £339@ inc delivery

Found 20th Jan 2014
Seems a bargain for a Siemens 8kg,1400spin, and 2 year warranty. Ao have a good rep for customer service too. Full cycles are apparently way longer than your average machine which is a minus but if you can put up with that I think it's still a good deal as they are supposed to be well made.


Siemens WM14Q360GB

With an energy rating of A+++, this washing machine is one of the most efficient you can get. Each wash will cost you around 10 pence in electricity and use approximately 39.5 litres of water – a low amount compared to the other washing machines on the market.

And to make sure not a drop of water is wasted, the WM14Q360GB has an autoLoad function which tailors your wash programme to suit each and every wash load. Whether you’re washing one dress or a mountain of towels, only the necessary amount of water will be used.

In terms of sheer size and speed, the WM14Q360GB can hold its own. There’s an 8kg drum to fill up. You’ll get 40 shirts in there, a set of bedding or how about 4 or 5 large bath towels. And on top of that, the Siemens has a nippy 1400rpm spin speed. Perfect for getting cottons dry, quick.

To keep the peace, Siemens have engineered an innovative antiVibration design. The circular panels moulded into the side of the washing machine ensure that noise and vibration are kept to a minimum. So there’s no chance of the machine making a dash for it across your kitchen floor!
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Just throwing it out there as I cant decide between this and the Bosch Exxcel WAQ283S0GB at about the same price
Siemens is a bargain if you get the store to post date the sale date so you can get the £50 cashback from siemens.

oO So maybe £289 for a Siemens 8kg 1400 oO
same price Currys


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I wouldn't have any other brand
Had my Siemens for almost nine years with six kids, still going strong.
Most Siemens washers have a 5 year free warranty but this model doesn't appear to be in included on the list, maybe thats why its cheap?…tml
the porter

I wouldn't have any other brand

This model is a re-branded Bosch with a Siemens badged custom control panel, made in the same factory by the same owner BSH Group.
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