Siemens Nespresso TK50 Automatic Coffee Maker (Titanium) £109.98 delivered @ Bennetts (after 10% code + cashback)

Siemens Nespresso TK50 Automatic Coffee Maker (Titanium) £109.98 delivered @ Bennetts (after 10% code + cashback)

Found 13th Dec 2008
First post so be gentle.

If youre in the market for a good quality espresso / coffee machine, this is worth a look, RRP was £269.00 once upon a time.

Please be aware this machine only works with Nespresso capsules which are predominately available online or through a very small number of outlets.

To get this price you will need to visit the home page first, look for the icon which says '10% off next order' click on this fill in your name and email to instantly receive a 10% discount code via email.

Enter discount code at checkout to get a delivered price of £139.98

To receive the cashback follow the link below, print out the form, fill it in, and send to the address with a copy of the receipt and the barcode from the box.…pdf

Offer is available in store at £149.99 (£119.00 after cashback)


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If voting cold, please give feedback as to why.


voting hot, just because I think it a little unfair to vote cold and not explain why. Particularly on someone first post...!!

I would have to say, this is a fantastic deal for anyone that likes coffee! I bought my wife this machine a few years ago - it cost something like £330 back then, so at the advertised price it's a steal! The Nespresso coffee is gorgeous. If you like coffee - get this quick. Ok - the coffee capsules aren't cheap - I normally buys about £75 worth at a time, but it is delicious! I'm tempted to buy another machine to have at work.

Over all - this isn't a hot deal - it's scorching!

p.s. the regular Nespresso magazine is good and Nespresso customer service is excellent!

I'm voting hot as I think it's wrong when people vote cold and don't have the balls to say why. There's too many Muppets on here imo

nespresso machines are always a ripoff :
A) the coffee is never as good as you can make in a traditional espresso machine
B) the capsules cost far too much.

that said i haven't voted hot or cold but i really don't think people should have to justify their vote,if someone sees a deal that is cheap but is in the minuses what the hell do they care?

Where is the link for the 10% discount? I can't seem to find it.

I'm very surprised how people just complain about Nespresso, but when its the Tassimo which makes **** coffee, bad tea and lousy hot choc then it's all great.

This is by far the best pod system out there, which is great if you are looking for pods. Pods do have advantages and disadvantages, like everything.

Nespresso is even served at Heston Blumenthal's three Michelin star Fat Duck restaurant, also voted best restaurant in the world, so it can't be all that bad

This is not the same you get in a tin of Nescafe instant coffee...

Good deal btw!

Thanks for the post. I voted cold because, to me, the way to make coffee is either with a proper filter, or a proper espresso maker... not a capsule. Good coffee is worth making properly IMHO. But - if you want to pay for convenience of capsules and a flashy machine, then it's probably a good deal.

The coffee that these use is Premier Cru, sourced from the best plantations. Those that know about quality coffee use these machines, unless they are getting beans to grind, in which case you get inconsistencies in the quality. The controls used when making the capsules are very stringent. I love coffee and have drunk it made in a variety of ways - for the best and most consistent drink, this is easily the best system and certainly not to be confused with things like Senseo or Tassimo.

Excellent deal, voting hot.

The only problem with Nespresso is that having got used to it you will be consistently disappointed when you have coffee out, even at the more expensive coffee houses and restaurants.

Just ordered. Voted hot.

None left at House of Fraser - same price here delivered anyway. Cheers.

Mine arrived and doesn't work so it's going back.
Not happy. :x
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