Siemens WM12P360 Washing Machine with 5 Year Warranty - £499 (£449 with Trade In) @ John Lewis

Siemens WM12P360 Washing Machine with 5 Year Warranty - £499 (£449 with Trade In) @ John Lewis

Found 28th Feb 2011
Siemens WM12P360 Washing Machine. Normal John Lewis price is £499 but they are doing a trade in offer which will give £50 off this price making it £449.

There's also a free extended warranty to 5 years via redemption.

A quick scan of other merchants showed for example Empire Direct selling it for £575 and Best Buy for £649 so it's a good price.

I was going to get the Panasonic machine that was on here a week ago but when I looked in store the Siemens felt that little bit better made and they do have a solid reputation in white goods.

Details of the machine are on the JL link, or Siemens web site or just Google it!

Also worth mentioning that since it's a "trade in" deal then JL don't charge their usual £9 to take away your old machine.


Bit slow spin speed, especially if you tumble dry a lot, but can't go past Siemens, mine is now over 5 years old, had constant heavy use and zero faults so far.

Previous "ordinary" brands used to result in dozens of call outs, dumping it as soon as the warranty ran out, and worse, high noise levels and vibration to suffer in the mean time. The last straw was an Ariston one which made living in the house at the same time as washing almost unbearable, and even though it was still under warranty I chucked it out!

A high quality product at a good price.

Pity it hadn't been a pound usb cable from a dodgy Amazon Marketplace retailer, who can't make a good job of putting a cable in an envelope, then it would be red hot.
A good product at a good price and it runs cold. The current face of this site unfortunately :-(

Original Poster

I couldn't agree more about good products at good prices running cold. Sometimes I think this site really should be called "Cheap S**t Deals UK" since any quality branded products get knocked as you can get something similar from Argos for less etc.

You get what you pay for and it's well know that when it comes to white goods the German brands are in a different league to the Hotpoints, Hoovers, Bekos etc of this world.

I'm not sure I agree with the comment about spin speeds though. From my understanding most of the super high spin speeds may be nothing more than marketing gimmicks. The Panasonic I nearly bought had a spin speed of 1600 but all the programs went up to 1200 and you had to manually set anything higher. My current machine is so old and slow any improvement would be good though. I think it's 78rpm :-)
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