Sierra-On-Line Space Quest Complete Collection £2.49 @ Steam

Sierra-On-Line Space Quest Complete Collection £2.49 @ Steam

Found 30th Oct 2017
An elegant collection of games for a more civilised age.

Not for everyone and they won't have aged well but awesome for those of us that spend hours guiding Roger through the maze in Vohaul's Revenge a pixel at a time.

Includes Space Quest 1 - 5.
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A real blast from the past.

Made me think of the Leisure Suit Larry games.
Heat for astro chicken
Ooh, just checked and Worms .... are on offer with 80% discount on some of the titles, only a further 20% discount on the full bundle, so I may just decide to get a few that I like most
This was the game that got me hooked on adventure games. Space quest and the Monkey Island series have a special place in my gaming history.
Great price but games this old I tend to trust GOG more. They put more effort into making them work on modern hardware. Not on sale there unfortunately at the moment but they are quite often.
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