Sierra Tequila Silver 500ml £5.99 @ Tesco

Sierra Tequila Silver 500ml £5.99 @ Tesco

Found 1st Sep 2010
Another one of the Tesco spirits clearances, Sierra Tequila Silver (38% abv) 500ml bottles half price. Had a couple left at Tadcaster Road, York, this afternoon...

Bought two Sierra Tequila Gold for 5.99 as well BARGAIN!!! just need to get some lemons and salt
- patbeh
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    gives me a headache just thinking about drinking this...;)
    would be hotter if tequila we actually drinkable...
    that's what I bought when went for Plymouth Gin and there were none left.
    Great stuff, believe me - had much worse tequilas before.

    Heat added salt salt lemon + cactus sweat
    Which one is better then white or gold ?

    can't beat the gold,it is sooo smooth!!!


    Which one is better then white or gold ?

    blimey, just the deal i wanted before 9am! haha, hot though!8)
    Actually not bad tequila, might get some - hot!
    If only this was Sambuca :O
    can anyone verify this please before I take a trip to tesco.
    Jose Cuervo is much much better-Gold or Silver.
    Great price but not very nice.

    would be hotter if tequila we actually drinkable...

    Have a Tequila Sunrise - much nicer than doing plain shots!

    2g of Tequila
    Pour into a cocktail shaker
    Fill with Fresh Orange Juice
    Pour into a tall glass
    Dash of Grenadine in the top
    = lovely!
    A tip to those wondering if it's at their store - call them.
    i just saw this in tesco, silver only though. No gold.
    None left at Kingston Park - Newcastle
    There were plenty of these bottles in the Honiton store today.

    a few bottles left in tesco brackley...thanks for the tip off!
    none left in basingstoke,they even removed the label from the shelf this afternoon
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