Sign Up for a FREE Sample of Lacoste Pink
Sign Up for a FREE Sample of Lacoste Pink

Sign Up for a FREE Sample of Lacoste Pink

Touch of Pink triggers a delicious feeling of freedom and independence for the vivacious woman. Feminine heart notes of jasmine and violet are blended with fresh, fizzy notes of coriander leaves and blood orange, and soothed with soft sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. Complete the form provided to receive a FREE sample of Lacoste Pink.



i can't enter the post code

Ordered mine cheers x

Wont accept my post code.


thank you x

The request failed with HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable.

But good offer

It kept saying my postcode appears invalid, then when i went to send them a message to tell them, my message wouldn't go through as it then said my email address is invalid :x

yeah i cant seem to enter the postcode either i thought it was just me having a blonde moment



cheers pinky :thumbsup:

Great, thank you x

Good offer but won't accept my postcode

dont accept any postcode! pfft

Ordered mine thanks!
Although then it says you can order one for a friend...but you cant!!!
Cheers anyway xx

Does not accept my Email addy. http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/6898/filename03525dh.gif

It will say "invalid postcode" if the city you entered does not exactly match that which is on their records. It does make a suggestion in blue.

i.e. it prefers 'NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE' rather than 'NEWCASTLE'.

Ordered mine thankyou

Great find, Ordered mine cheers

try leaving a space after first 3 digits of postcode worked for me

Thanks worked finr for me

I ordered this a couple of months ago, I sent myself one and one to my mum as the recommended friend... My mum received hers, I never got mine however wasn't missing much.... The samle was nothing more than a smell of the perfume, you dont get a bottle or anything, its just something to smell the scent. Id doesnt advertse that its a bottle or anything but when it says free samle you just imagine thyed give you a wee sample bottle so you can try it out for a day !! Waste of time if you ask me, unless theyve changed it but i really doubt it.

Done....gone through!


Invalid postcode.

got mine ordered..Thanks

Sent for mine, went thr no problems and my postcode is ALWAYS a problem!

Heat added

Mine works - thank you. Heat added x

It Says My Postcode Is Invalid!!! Grrrrrrrrrr



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