Sign up to BT total broadband get 3 months xbox live 2100 Ms points free!
* 3 months FREE Xbox LIVE Gold membership so you can play your friends wherever they are!
* And 2100 Xbox LIVE Marketplace points to spend on the content of your choice ?urchase and download new games, music videos or even HD movies to your Xbox 360!

Please note that this offer is for New BT Total Broadband customers only.

Get £40 for first broadband sign up from Quidco too.

No idea if BT is a decent broadband...im on Virgin, got this offer on an email from xbox live team.


id expect a years xbox live at least
eh.. better than nothing i suppose


Or, AOL have £80 cashback on quidco at the moment, and you don't even have to install their software to use it (just manually configure the free router). That'll net you a years free xbox live, and two 2100 points vouchers, plus a bit left over.

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Forgot to post the 40£ from Quidco too for new customers :thumbsup:

Voted Cold i am afraid

Also you will not be able to claim both.

So you either have to take the xbox live stuff or the quidco cash back

A minimum of £17.99 a month after the introductory period has run out.

I pay £5 a month with Orange for unlimited 8MB same from BT is £24.99

voted hot cause some people have only just got a 360 and it will be a hot deal for them

Sorry BT is a rip off,They keep contacting us asking us to go back to them offering all sorts of deals but none can even match what were on
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