Sign up to BT Total Broadband via Codemasters - get £50 cashback!
Sign up to BT Total Broadband via Codemasters - get £50 cashback!

Sign up to BT Total Broadband via Codemasters - get £50 cashback!

I saw this and thought it was quite a good incentive. If you're looking to join BT or migrate to them at the mo, when you sign up to BT Toal Broadband via the codemasters.co.uk website by 30th September 2007, you're eligible to claim £50 cash back.


Full terms and conditions ][COLOR=blue]HERE[/COLOR]


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thanks emma!

I dont normally bitch in a thread but when it comes to BT they could not pay me enough to go back to them.

Please tell me more i am thinking of going to b.t.as i thought this was a good deal ?????when it was first posted

What is up with the users on this site?

I posted the same offer, albeit through a different vendor (yahoo) and the offer was voted cold. Really makes you not want to bother if people dont read the posts and cast a misinformed vote. Bahhh (rant over).


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Personally, i think with every ISP there is gonna be a small percentage of customers that get a raw deal somewhere along the line...'cant please all of the people all of the time' comes to mind. Seeing as BT have such a wide mass of users i would imagine this minority would be more than normal, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe if BritBrat could shed some light on his personal experience, we'd know more lol

Sing up to them.

Then let me know what you think.

After they have changed the T&C so many times in your yearly contract, so by the end the product you signed up for is not the product you end up with.

Any ISP worth it's salt dont need to trap people into yearly contracts, just ask yourself why they have to, if the customers happy they will stay anyway.

Oh yes, watch watchdog tomorrow night, they have been having a poll on ISPs.

I was one of the original 004 club members, I wont explain what it is but anyone who was on anytime and got moved to another dialup number may remember what I am talking about.
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