Signal Care, FREE was £7.99 @ Google Play

Signal Care, FREE was £7.99 @ Google Play

Posted 10th Apr 2018
Signal Care is an advanced network signal reset algorithm made for Android. Signal Care can reset your Network Signal , Data connection, WiFi connection etc.

Signal Care automatically resets the connection and thus Android OS sets a good quality network signal.

Please download and test the free version before purchasing!

★Usage scenarios:
★ When network signal is low. say, below 1 bar continuously.
★ When internet connection is of poor quality at a place with 4G or 3G support.
★ When WiFi speed and strength is unexpectedly low even if you are in range.
★ When traveling, fluctuating network signals.
★ When the network signal fluctuations are draining your battery.
★ When you are expecting an important call or message.

Let Signal Care reset the network signal for you. And if there is a good quality network signal present in that area, you will get connected!


► Advanced Signal Resetting algorithm: Resets network signal and network data connection in one click.

► Automatic Signal Care: Different modes for automatic network signal maintenance.
Smart Mode: Listens the network signal fluctuations and check if the network signal is gone below 'threshold signal value' for more than a 'threshold trigger interval', If this condition is met then 'Signal Care' algorithm runs and make sure the best network signal in the area is set. e.g., For a 'threshold signal value' = 1 bar, and 'threshold trigger interval' = 1 minute. If network signal power goes below '1 bar' for '1 minute' Signal Care automatically triggers the algorithm.
Time Mode: Runs 'Signal Care' algorithm for every 'time mode interval'. e.g., For 'time mode interval' = 30 minutes. Signal Care algorithm gets automatically triggered after every 30 minutes.

► Signal Graph Analysis: Informative graph plots helping users to learn their network signal and find blind spots.
Signal power vs time (Live)
Signal power vs time (History)
Signal bars vs time
Data connection type vs time
WiFi speed vs time

► Signal Info saver: Detailed information on network signal, savable for future reference. Signal info includes:
Time of saving, Longitude of location, Latitude of location, Current location, Network Operator, Network Technology, Signal power (in asu or dB), Signal bars, Data connection type, Mobile data technology, WiFi SSID, WiFi RSSI, WiFi Speed.

► Signal History: Automatic and manually saved network signal info list.

► Signal Care Logger: Logs containing details of all the activities done by Signal Care.

Signal Care is not a signal booster, Signal care is an helper application that can reset signal automatically and force OS to find good signal in the physical location.

Permissions explained:
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Signal Care requires this permission to get location of the signal tower. We don't use your location data. We respect everyone's privacy.
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snake oil
Sorry Apple users!
The first review on play store is enough to put me off! Aeroplane mode toggle widget does the same job anyway.
snake oil
jinjur1 m ago

snake oil

100% top grade snake oil.
feel sorry for anyone who paid £7.99 for this
deleted179664110th Apr 2018

Sorry Apple users!

Lol, Apple only adds/allows the feature when it really works, unlike android where there is unnecessary features available that don't even work properly
Edited by: "sali6454" 10th Apr 2018
Lol, total crap, this app will do nothing.
The last thing I want is the signal being disconnected by this app, when I'm halfway through a call or whilst making a purchase on the Internet.

As others have stated, you can do it yourself, so why have an app running in the background, using your ram, slowing your phone down and more than likely selling on your personal data?

Ice Cold OP.
7.99 now free.... must be a good app
I thought it shows which 4g band you're connected to 😣
Albie711 m ago

7.99 now free.... must be a good app

Now with added spyware!
are sky hooks included?
jinjur1 h, 9 m ago

are sky hooks included?

Only if you can if you purchase a glass hammer
Both "glass hammer" and "skyhook" are real things !
RoosterNo134 m ago

Both "glass hammer" and "skyhook" are real things !

is tartan paint real aswell, because this app comes free with a tin of it
Edited by: "bouncy99" 10th Apr 2018
Pateo1 h, 12 m ago

Only if you can if you purchase a glass hammer

I think you get those at the place where you buy long weights
jinjur3 h, 24 m ago

I think you get those at the place where you buy long weights

Yeah, I believe they have buckets of steam
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