Signalex Charging USB Cables £1 in Poundland

Signalex Charging USB Cables £1 in Poundland

Found 3rd Jun 2011
From what I could see there is an Ipod cable and also one for a digital camera and one for what looks like an mp3 player. So all 3 for a quid.

Its actually iPod Cable, mini USB, and micro USB.
- Boom123
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Had my set for a couple of months now - the three cables are an iCable, mini USB, and micro USB.

Work well, but might be a little too short depending on your hardware layout.
Bought these with one of their Dual USB in-car chargers. Works great! Can charge my phone and iPod on the move!
short is good in this context
Very short as pointed out but intentionally so - combine with their Signalex USB extender cable & ur good to go... I forget what they were charging for the extender...
Seriously this is a really handy set to have tucked away in the laptop bag...
Bargain= Heat!
Got one of these few weeks back. Good piece of kit for the price. Can confirm that it fits the Orange San Fransisco for those of you who own one. Hot from me.
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Are these just for charging or do they do data as well?

Are these just for charging or do they do data as well?

That's what I'm wondering - just because they fit doesn't mean they'll do everything!
iPhone one does data on my 3G and iPad.
Micro USB data and charging, it should work with every mobile/device which have microUSB connector (tested on San Francisco and Balckberry Storm). Just qiute short, but I've seen in Poundland microUSB only about 1 metre long.
They are standard USB cables so they should be data and power, would be very very odd if they are not.
how much if i get 2??

seriously though i must get a pack as they'll come in handy, heat added for the find
got these too- they also fit the htc range.
Perfect for my SanDisk Sansa Clip+ both in the front of my PC and in the car.
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