Signalex Retractable iPod Data Cable Which Works On iPhone 3G For A Quid @ Poundland!

Signalex Retractable iPod Data Cable Which Works On iPhone 3G For A Quid @ Poundland!

Found 23rd May 2009
I bought this in what I thought was a naive and rash purchase. Most independent cables for the iPhone 3G are either six times as much and more often than not dont work. However I was rather pleasantly surprised when I bought one of these wee devils for a quid .. plugged it into my Mac USB port ... voila.. data AND power to it. Great. Tried it with me 3pin-to-USB mains plug adaptor ... yup .. it charges ... via that .. and with me cigarette lighter adaptor-to-USB plug too!. Quite surprised really. I cannot guarantee it will work with all adaptors .. but certainly its a great and cheap way to charge and transfer data via the PC at least. And worth a shot at one British Pound, surely! Good luck!.

PS: apologies for the inaccurate piccy .. this is the best I can do .. but its in the same section as the USB Mouse and the same coloured packaging, readers!


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Thanks for that .. although this was advertising the iPod ... not many know it works with the iPhone 3G which is what I am really pushing .. stil:pl a great deal!

Sounds like its better the the standard USB retractable cables I got from poundland. I bought 3 of them and none of them worked as far as data goes. Would charge items up bo nouth else. Voting this one hot in hope it works

i got a couple of the ipod cables as they work on the original iphone, i got one for the office and one for my second computer at home, which i normally use to put music on, and charge on the other pc

the usb extension cables on the other hand, i don't know what the problem is with them. i got one, and found it was ideal for plugging my usb mobile broadband dongle into, so if it got knocked whilst plugged in my netbook it didn't break anything. in another pc i use it to plug in flashdrives, to save fiddling about at the back of the computer where the only spare usb port is, but although it has both USB A and mini usb ends, it wouldn't work connecting to an external 3.5" HD, so the extension works with some things but not others, which is a shame

i also got a USB 4 port hub, but it was only 1.1 compatible, so fine for keyboards, mice etc, but would slow things down on external drivers etc. fine for a pound though

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Well all I can say is I was pleasantly surprised at the way it worked. Having said that I bought a four quid adaptor the other day cigarette lighter to USB then plugged it int there. No way, Ray. Yet my other similar adaptor works fine iwth it! Weird
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