Signalex-Splashproof mp3/iphone pouch £1 @ Poundland

Signalex-Splashproof mp3/iphone pouch £1 @ Poundland

Found 23rd Jul 2012
Splashproof MP3 Player Pouch. Perfect for listening to music by the pool side or on the beach. Just £1 at Poundland.

Suitable for mp3 players and Iphones. Iphone capacitive touchscreen works perfectly. You can send text messages and make calls while your iphone is inside the pouch.
You can talk and hear without a problem, as it comes with headphone jack. Also protects your iphone from dust, dirt and sand.
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Splash proof, heat friendly deal
a cheap rip off of aqua pac. Buy the real deal for £30 guaranteed waterproof with equipment guarantee too.…tml

"Every time I use this case, my brain tells me that the sound should change as I go underwater... but it doesn't. I've sat on the bottom of a swimming pool listening to tunes and been so impressed I've laughed and inhaled water. Idiot."

"I really think this is an excellent product. I have one that I use for swimming with my iPod. It is awesome and no leaks at all after over 50 lap sessions. I have TOTAL faith in it."
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You may find this product better at £6…BCR
Doubting Thomas

You may find this product better at … You may find this product better at £6

It's the same concept from Signalex (Poundland) as it has 3 ziplock seal, fold into 3 and then a velco strap..But, this is only a splashproof to protect your mp3 or phone from sudden contact with water. Not suitable for swimming..Even for a £10 waterproof pouch, I don't want to risk my mp3 or expensive phone.
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