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Signalex Usb Bluetooth Dongle @ poundland - £1
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Signalex Usb Bluetooth Dongle @ poundland - £1

Posted 18th Aug 2014
USB Wireless Bluetooth adaptor enables computers to communicate with any Bluetooth devices including computers, notebooks, mobile phones, printers, PDAS, digital cameras and many others. Signalex produces a wide range exclusive to us, including computer, audio, video and home technology such as audio cables, HDMI cables, remote controls, headphones, cases for laptops, tablets and mobile phones and other accessories. - See more at: poundland.co.uk/lei…gle
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BT 2.0

I use one in my Android TV box and what it does it does well.
They've stocked these for a good few years, unsurprisingly the price hasn't changed either. Not really a deal, more of a banality.
got one of these ages ago - good value for the price
Made my computer (Win8 64-bit) BSOD - perhaps mine was faulty. IIRC it caused a kernel panic on Linux as well.
crash windows quite regularly these
I'm using one of these in my 64bit win 8 desktop PC and I've had no problems with crashing. Maybe its the way you have set up your PC.

Cold. this not really a deal, these are always one pound at erm... poundland
sure it's not falsetooth :-#
It IS a deal and gets heat from me:

1. Brings people's attention to it, thy may not be aware these are sold in PL
2. It is a low price for this, these are probably 10X more expensive in somewhere like Currys.

If you don't have a PL near you then you can order from DX (Hong Kong) for $1.58 (approx 95p) with free delivery: dx.com/p/s…866
besides there only a £1 enough to buy a few spares
You can use these to pair your PS3 or PS4 controllers with Windows using the "Scarlet Crush" drivers btw
works brilliant thanks poster from a pc tech xxxxxxxxxxxx
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