Signed Copy of "Cooking For Friends" by Gordon Ramsay £6.99 @ The Works

Signed Copy of "Cooking For Friends" by Gordon Ramsay £6.99 @ The Works

Found 3rd May 2010
Signed hard back 2008 edition of "Cooking For Friends" by Gordon Ramsay.
Bought it today in the Warrington store. They had about 5 left. I doubt he actually signed them in the Golden Square store, or for that matter, any other The Works store.... but wherever it was, he must have been in a rush to get somewhere cos it's a pretty scrawny signature. Perhaps he was on a promise or something.


Some people pretend to be awful for the benefit of the camera.I suspect Ramsey is being genuine in his awfulness.

Worth even more if you can find and un-signed copy....;-)

Obnoxious bloke, would love to tattoo what I think of him on his large slap head!

You are all jealous..... you know what it is!

It's because the women find him absolutely drop dead gorgeous. :shock:
Funny, I have always found that odd, because the ones I have met have nearly all had OK eyesight, and very few signs of insanity!

Maybe it's because they think they can change him :whistling:

I bet someone else wrote this for him, probably the same guy who cooks the food in his restaurants.

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Whatever you might think about him... this book is up for £20+ on b-tray at the moment. AND the Americans love him (ie you could get even more for a signed copy in the US).

Good chef and business person imo ... don't care for signed copies of books tho.
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