Silent Hill Homecoming for XBOX 360 & PS3 INSTORE at ASDA for £27.47!

Silent Hill Homecoming for XBOX 360 & PS3 INSTORE at ASDA for £27.47!

Found 27th Feb 2009
Rep to ERIK for posting in my thread about cheapest instore price were he said he seen the price at £27.47 last night before stock went on the shelf so only right he gets some rep, cheers mate! Thought i'd post it so everyone knows as its the cheapest price anywhere for it.…089

Just phoned my local Asda and the price is correct and she said it should be nationwide at that price , i've reserved one and going to get it soon.

Well chuffed at that price as its only out today and didn't expect to get it as low as that!

Not sure if the PS3 version is the same price but i'll check instore when i'm picking mine up and post. PS3 as well.


Nice find for price.. hot

thanks for this

Was looking for this earlier. thanks. Heat added

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just picked mine up there, hope its as good as the first silent hill!

Bargain - nice one!

I brought the game, today at Asda, cost £27.47 for both format, xbox 360 and ps3, i own ps3 I know ps3 charge more then xbox at most time, so i snap this game up.. i haven't played it yet but can't wait.

I just bought this myself (saw it in the paper this morning), thought it was an excellent price, so heat added

Have played it for several hours now.... unfortunately it's pretty dissapointing, particularly after such a long wait for it being released.

It's hard to describe what it's missing, unlike classic Silent Hill games - the 'enjoyment factor' appears to be missing - it's just attacked by a monster, slash -slash, attacked by another monster, slash slash - the story just isn't very compelling.

I guess this will be getting traded in for Resident Evil in a couple of weeks time!

It's very slow. Not the classic we all remember. Bought it for this price on release day from ASDA, no new news here.....


it was £24ish in my Asda. Still, £27 isnt bad, but glad it was even cheaper in my local !


great game on the PS3. playing it in the dark with surround sound is SCARY (Silent Hill)

still £25 in leigh and bolton stores

it was released at £27 and has been that until the £2 drop couple of weeks ago

This is £24.95 @ The Game Collection - PS3


£21 in my ASDA today im sure of it! glasgow toryglen,


was £21 in my ASDA today im sure of it! glasgow toryglen,

same in asda in llandudno

Available for £24.99 at


Available for £24.99 at

so how did this get hot

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Because i posted it 3 months ago!! God knows why its on the front page today, was the cheapest price 3 months ago but not now.


lol 3 months ago this site is mad but you gotta love it
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