Silent Night Comfort control electric blanket king size £6 instore at tesco , was £50 originally then down to £25

Silent Night Comfort control electric blanket king size £6 instore at tesco , was £50 originally then down to £25

Found 20th Mar 2012
Was in tescos last night saw the silent night comfort control king size electric blanket , is in a red box , it was originally £50 then down to £24 now down to £6 picked up the last one. Cant say if store specific but would imagine nationwide sorry if not. Can post receipt if you like. Hope this helps someone out Currently still £25 online at…spx
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Almost certainly store specific :-(
the staff will have these in my local store ,greedy lot!!
They hadnt had them instore long , store was recently refurbished only about a few months ago and they never used to stock any thing other than food , so I would say it isnt old stock. Was on a yellow price cut ticket
goinh to me local to get my tea so I'll have a look
Got a single of the above today for £3.25
I bought a king size but was £11

I bought a king size but was £11

still a great bargain
Just picked up one of these from Tesco Kingston Milton Keynes - Many thanks OP!
tesco should be banned from here
Got mine just now from Brookfield, cheshunt - thanks will be nice and toasty tonight. Still two left on shelf.
thanks OP

just bought 3 king size, and 5 singles from Hamilton Leicester.
anyone seen any of these offers in manchester stores?
Just picked up a double in yate for £4 .75. They weren't labelled at this but wen scanned came up at the lower price. Also had the king size scanning at £6 when I tried.
Thanks OP, just got one king size for 6, there are still few single and king size left at Hamilton Leicester, though the price on the shelves not been changed.(_;)
One left in Tesco Seacroft (Leeds) tonight - picked myself one up, they are very nice for the price.
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anyone bought one from middlesex area?

Can confirm this is working in Tesco Banbury! Picked up to king size (£6) and a single (£3.25) last night. Plenty of stock, as the king size were still labeled as £50 down to £25.
Yea it must be nation wide picked up 2 doubles and a single in sunbury extra store few left on shelves grab them while you can
Managed to get a King size and a single.
Thanks OP
Does anyone know of any Bham stores that have them?
Just got 6 king size, singles still left in hull at £3.25.........
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