Silent night memory foam pillow only £9.99 RRP £49.99 at tjhughes Ebay outlet

Silent night memory foam pillow only £9.99 RRP £49.99 at tjhughes Ebay outlet

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As title says memory foam pillow by silent night only £9.99 and free delivery sleep well my HUKD !!


I have only ever had one pillow that I love, it was a dunlopilo latext one, I am however going to give thhis a try at £10 what have I to lose, heat added

Are these any good


Are these any good

sold over 6000 must be good

edit sold over 7000 now saw this yesterday and the figure was just over 6000
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Just bought 4, 2 each for me and the misses, are they any good or abut of a gimmick?

i had a look at the page to see if it was the one i have and it is. Memory foam core with filling round about.

It takes a wee bit of getting used to but i love them personally the core is quite "hard" at first but you can once used to it sleep with just one of them and it cradles your neck well im more of a back sleeper so thats what im basing comment on though occasionally slept on side and still felt good support from it.

Im sure i got two for 15 quid in Tesco but that was quite some time ago. Well worth a try just remember like memory foam beds give it a couple of weeks before you bin it or give it to the dog.

These are VERY firm! There's no way around giving it a try - it may suit you, it may not.

These type of pillows are horrible IMO, too hard not comfy at all

Missed last time this was the eBay DOTD. Good spot by the OP.


true, these are very firm when first used, but after a couple of weeks they go softer. ive got the contoured shape pillow and i love it but on the other hand the missus hates it.....its a bit like marmite

Thanks just ordered

Thanks just ordered.... not sure if its really good but the price is good. Heat (_;) added

Is anyone else having trouble buying these? I want to buy 3 but it won't let me confirm the order - on the review page I keep getting the message-:

•Seller has not specified P&P fees for items in your basket

The P&P box is blank but I can't put anything in it as it just keeps coming up with the same message !!

Thanks for the deal. Just had two of these delivered and am really impressed. For £9.99 each they are excellent value.

God this pillow is bad, really hard as if it has a layer of concrete in the middle.. guess i will use it for sitting up when reading/tv.

I got mine yesterday and been really impressed with it thus far.. tho I wondered if 'memory foam' is a protected term at all or can anyone make pillows that are like that?
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