silentnight 4.5tog duvet  pillow set single @ argos r&c £1.99

silentnight 4.5tog duvet pillow set single @ argos r&c £1.99

Found 21st Jul 2010
* Set contains non allergenic pillow and lightweight duvet to keep cool on warm summer nights.

* 70% polyester and 30% cotton cover.

* 100% polyester hollowfibre filling.

* Machine washable at 40°C.

* Hand wash pillows.

* Suitable to tumble dry.


Shows up as £7.99 in my basket.....

3 in aberdeen just now!

£7.99 in my basket too, still not a bad price though

£7.99 in my basket too!

so it does, I just checked some were available but yes in the basket they are 7.99

I tried to reserve online for my local Argos but it came up as £7.99 at checkout. Phoned Argos customer service and they confirmed it was this price even though it told them it was showing at £1.99 on the webpage. She told me to print out the page and take it to the store and they would honour the price. Got to my local Argos and gave them the printout and had no problem, didn't even have to argue as it came up on thier tills at £1.99, so bought the two they had left in stock - result. Many thanks for the headsup on this.

nigel959 do you have the screen print?

Thanks OP I've reserved 2 so I'll see what price I get charged when I pick up my paintbrushes.

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ive just got back from picking mine up and CAN CONFIRM they go through the till at £1.99

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im just trying to figure out how to put a pic of my recipt

could this please be unexpired

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proof , ^^^

todays date 21/07/10 of argos 127/5133 sb duvet & pillow, silent night

Thanks alot OP I got my 2 for £1.99 each
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