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Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket Single £24/Double £28 delivered using code @ Damart

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Use the discount code THERMAL for 20% OFF and FREE DELIVERY to get these prices. (Thanks to MariR for sharing the code)

Only Single and Double currently available.
Ignore the sizes - they're wrong. The correct dimensions are:
Single: 65cm wide 135cm long
Double 120cm wide 135cm long

  • Made from fleece material
  • Fast heat up and 3 heat settings
  • Designed with overheat protection
  • Easy fit straps provide an easy secure fit.

These seem to be limited stock at Asda where they're slightly cheaper, and the Amazon price has gone up so this isn't a bad deal right now. I bought a Single from Amazon and was unimpressed by the small size and the thin fleece & returned it. But they seem to be among the cheapest ones around so I'm sharing anyway
Damart More details at Damart
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  1. Avatar
    Electric blankets keep popping up as good deals on my recommended list recently.

    can I just ask, what makes these worthwhile during a cost of living crisis, I’m put off buying one having to use electricity to use it?
    Tip... If you got a double bed, go for a King size blanket because that will then cover most of the bed, whereas a double size covers about two thirds. Running costs... They use very little power over short periods of time. In colder weather, we have our blanket linked to a smartplug. About 5-10 mins before coming to bed, switch it on via Alexa/smartplug so it warms up. Once you are in, you can switch it off then as bed will be warmed. You really don't need to leave them on. Ours is rated at 90w with 3 power settings so you would have to leave it on max setting like all night and more just to use 1kw. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    These are £22 at Asda free C+C.

    Still a decent price though
    Thanks for that. Just checked and all sizes are showing back in stock at Asda
    £22 single, £28 double and £32 king.

  3. Avatar
    Put a thin summer quilt under your base sheet, nice winter quilt on top, toasty in seconds few.
  4. Avatar
    The issue with these is that they don't cover the whole bed
    They are not supposed to. It can be positioned from the bottom half up to cover mainly lower body. As per design, heating your shoulders up and causing your head to heat up wouldn’t be great for a good night sleep 😬
  5. Avatar
    Interested but can anyone tell me the cost roughly of running this throughout the night? Any existing users please would be so helpful
    I've got a different brand, king size. it's 60w per side full power, so the overnight setting is about 20w per side, so 40w total - so ten hours would be 400 watts, which would be about 14p. Tell yourself it's 2p an hour and you'll not be overestimating. (edited)
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    Anyone worried about EMF issues using these? Risk is probably low but the thought does cross my mind from time to time when using one...
    Well I wasn't. Am now lol
  7. Avatar
    "Due to the overwhelming demand for our products, there has been a small delay in your items reaching our warehouse."

  8. Avatar
    My order was delayed (size double) so I just called up and they said they estimate 3-4 weeks delivery.
    Scandalous. They ran out of stock but carried on accepting orders, expecting customers to wait a month til the next shipment arrives. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Avatar
    Bruh just finished my shift at amazon warehouse and had to feed like hundreds of these on the conveyor belt
    I'm sorry my post gave you flashbacks. On the bright side at least these are light - weighted blankets would have been a killer.
  10. Avatar
    Never used such a blanket. Do they really work and is it safe to sleep over hot(bearble) wire carrying electric current?
    As long as you don’t lick it, you’ll be fine!
  11. Avatar
    Single bought. Thank you op……the single is £45 in Argos!
    Glad it was useful. Good grief @£45?! It's a small polyester fleece with electric wiring. Shameless profiteering from the energy crisis
  12. Avatar
    I just use a good sleeping bag, saves on leccy!
    Ha leave your clothes on while at it
  13. Avatar
    For my own safety, I will prefer to wear a jumper rather than risking my life sleeping on electric wires.
    You don't sleep on them-if they were really that dangerous they would not sell them....

    You may want to be careful putting water into an electric kettle as well... (edited)
  14. Avatar
    An I the only one that thought this was an ad for Durex?
    You are definitely the only one
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    Hi. Many thanks for sharing discount code. I bought my dad some thermals for Christmas.
  16. Avatar
    Had one of these for years, very convenient when used with a smart plug, always get into a warm bed.
  17. Avatar
    Happy sundayHomebaked  
     Many Thanks I bagged one earlier thanks to you, yes asda was cheaper but finding a collection was impossible and delivered was a pain so went for yours xx Have a super day. 
    Glad you managed to order one, Nanam! An extra £2 is worth it if it saves you some hassle. Hope you had a great Sunday too.
  18. Avatar
    Thank you. Gone for this
  19. Avatar
    thanks OP. Bought 2 singles from Damart and 1 king from Asda.
  20. Avatar
    I’m asleep after 3 minutes Just get 4 cans 
  21. Avatar
    got one of these...as mentioned they only cover the middle of the bed...which is annoying for cold feet

    they dont get anywhere near the heat that the old ones you used to get

    also a thing to note...dont think you're meant to use them on memory foam/hybrid matteresses

    ..can remember as a kid my mum and dad had a really old one....it was a big rectangle cage with a light bulb in the middle of it! (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Not a big difference between the single and double. Buy double and wrap up twice
  23. Avatar
    Bought king size for £35 in B&M single was 25.
  24. Avatar
    Leccy blankets back in trend I see. I had one prob 20 years ago and loved it at the time. Might need to grab a few cheap ones for all the kids beds again.
  25. Avatar
    I have one for 3 years, use it as an under a thick blanket
    therefore, not sleeping directly on protecting the electric blanket from moving damaging wiring , trapping heat and therefore don't need to wash it,
    We have the central heating on however its turned off when the kids go to bed and i go up a few hrs later, i pop it on 15/20 mins before going to bed and then switch it off

    I tend to have this in the bottom end of the bed therefore toasty, feet/legs up to midriff
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    Looking for king size but out of stock everywhere : (
    When Asda was showing out of stock, we went into our local and they had plenty on the shelves. If you live near an Asda, give it a try.
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    Many complaints regarding the short size and not being enough warm on lower settings.

    Which is the best alternative brand that covers the full mattress?
    Depends on your mattress size. Just go one up if you want more coverage. I've got a king on my double, works fine.

    Too cold on a lower setting? Turn it up...
  28. Avatar
    Still showing as available in both sizes for me? Is there a problem beyond this point at checkout?48458769-4awfU.jpg
  29. Avatar
    What is the difference between an electric blanket v heated throw? - Ie is it safe to wrap an electric blanket around you while you work, as you can with a heated throw?
    Electric blanket goes underneath your mattress protector on the bed. Heated throw can be draped around you.
  30. Avatar
    £28 is more than a weeks energy bill for me, no point
    They should last you longer than a week.
  31. Avatar
    Pifco.co.uk have dual control king size for £50 delivered - I bought one last week, it's really very good, and very cheap to run.
    Which website? I was looking at one of these yesterday.
  32. Avatar
    i now need some more smart plugs. this is turning into a more expensive purchase
  33. Avatar
    I personally prefer to get into a cold bed .... I find it a lot more refreshing.
  34. Avatar
    Shame this isn’t usb powered 
  35. Avatar
    I use a plastic 1 litre ex-soda pop bottle 3/4 full of hot, & 1/4 cold water.
    Keeps my toes warm in winter.
  36. Avatar
    we have one .. just get a thicker duvet, your body heat produces enough warmth under it
  37. Avatar
    Good deal Heat added
  38. Avatar
    Time to try to cancel
  39. Avatar
    I've cancelled mine. I'm not waiting 3 to 4 weeks with November round the corner
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