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Silentnight Electric Blanket (Single £19.99, Double £24.99 & KingSize £29.99) @ Aldi

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(Single £19.99,Double £24.99 & KingSize £29.99 ) Buy in store from 8 January

*** (Available From Sunday 8th Instore) ******

Product Information for Kingsize

  • Brand:Silentnight
  • Dimensions:165 x 137cm (approx.)
  • Material:100% Polyester
  • Product Type:Blankets
  • Voltage:220-240V
  • Wattage:90W

Take your relaxation to the next level with this Silentnight Electric Blanket. Perfect for heat seekers and those who like to stay warm, this heated blanket is a great addition to your soft furnishing collection. With 3 different heat settings you can make your bed the perfect temperature.

  • Convenient single control
  • 3 Heat settings
  • Overheat protection
  • Cost-saving heating alternative

3 Years
Safety Warning
Not suitable for children under 3 years.
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Aldi More details at Aldi

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    NOTE: This is a heated underblanket and not a fleecy heated overblanket. I would prefer a heated overblanket as they tend to retain the heat better.
    Have a look now the link has changed
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    Do these ones have the wire blocks that position just below your pillow? Close to removing mine I find them so irritating. Why they couldn't put it by the headboard is beyond me.
    Get a king size for a double bed, the blanket goes right to the edge and the wires hang down the side nicely!
  3. Avatar
    I'd say after about 15 minutes on max the bed starts to feel quite warm. I guess it depends how cold it was to start with though.

    Re the energy consumption, this shows 90W (0.09KW) for the King size on max. so assuming you're paying 35p per KWH (I think this is about average on the current price cap, that would be 0.09KW x 35p = 3.15p to run it for an hour - hope that helps.
    That's exactly what I needed appreciate your reply
  4. Avatar
    Well I'm in aldi and it just opened and there is nothing
    Same here - been to two stores in York and no sign of them
  5. Avatar
    Be warned, you will never want to get out of bed once you have one of these
    See Your Point

  6. Avatar
    My advice would be to buy an over blanket. I put mine in my bed 15 minutes before I get in and the bed is super toasty when I get in, plus you can obviously use as an over blanket too
    For me: Under blanket for bed. Over blanket for sofa
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    I have a double on a double, can see the reason for sizing because who needs to heat under their pillows?
    Think it's the width more than length why some go for king-size though. Personal preference I guess (edited)
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    These are the future. I swear it helps me get me nut down a lot quicker too! I use it with a smart plug on a timer.
    Similar but not on a timer, just switch it on remotely about twenty minutes before bed. Also after trying it on #3 eventually - it's the default setting every night now because it's like getting in a hot tub. Then turn down to #2 or #1.
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    What time there was a Silentnight deal on here people were talking about the longevity being rubbish? Anyone have experience?
    I had one for 3 years before it stopped working, decided to get the dame one again and it picks and choses when it wants to work... the quality isnt the same

    I would recommen getting the LIDL own brand one if you ever see it instore (edited)
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    I have yet to come across ANY aldi or lidl stores that ever sell stuff posted on this site.
    Yes need to queue early . They were on preorder today but sold out quickly.
  11. Avatar
    I don't have this model but I love mine.
    I use it on level 6 out of 9 which consumes 60w.
    It has auto-shutoff which is essential, but it only lets me add time in one hour chunks, whereas I think 30 minutes would be better.
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    Hope their sizing has improved,and they cover all the bed .
    Yes I would definitely get king-size for a double bed.
  13. Avatar
    Thanks Boz..
  14. Avatar
    Thanks, Boz! Good blankets, and good price. I have a king, and it fits a double perfectly, so check the dimensions you need.
    Yes we'll recommend doing that.
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    Whats the chances of getting these in store on the 8th? I'm more of a Lidl person and they're very hit or miss. Like they're not consistent between stores, like 1 in 3 stores might have something like this and the other 2 would never have got any in stock. With Aldi if they say instore on the 8th does that mean every store will get some or is it like lidl and its pot luck if your Aldi will get some or not? Because at these prices i'll definitely got at opening time to get one.
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    Available in Lidl today
  17. Avatar
    It's a shame the double and king have just a single control. Not good if two of you go to bed at different times.
  18. Avatar
    This is an underblanket. For under bed sheet. A must buy really good.
  19. Avatar
    Bagged a double
  20. Avatar
    Definitely made a mistake not picking up more at Lidl during their last deal a couple months back, so hard to find these blankets now. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    King OOS
    Yes Looks like Double Only Left At The Moment. They Went Very Quickly. (Available Sunday 8th Instore) (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Good price
    Thank You
  23. Avatar
    OOS already
    But Available & Hopefully Will Be Able To Purchase Instore From Sunday 8th January 2023.
  24. Avatar
    Anyone know if the king size is dual control?
    No, although Silentnight make a more expensive dual control version called Yours & Mine.
    Aldi state that it
    Features a Convenient single control
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    How long does it take to heat the bed

    Is the energy consumption per hr (edited)
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    Btw pure chance but I got king size for 28£ at Morrison in newyr deal there was only 1
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    I wonder how many bottles of Prime I would need to trade for one of these.
  28. Avatar
    The Daewoo king-size version is £22.99 in home bargains (120w) so don't see the huge bargain for this one
    That'll be the Daewoo...
  29. Avatar
    Electric blanket that can be set to always on + smart plug = "Alexa warm bed" (set to turn off after 30min)
  30. Avatar
    Been to 2 aldi stores now and only doubles available, king size does not exist in the stores by the looks of it. Really wish they give customers accurate information on stock given the cost of getting to a store in the first place.
    Same in the stores I went to only doubles. Think the kings and singles all got sold during their online sale.
  31. Avatar
    As some others have posted went to my local Aldi and no sign of them. Hopefully they get more stock.
  32. Avatar
    What locations is it oos pls (edited)
  33. Avatar
    Out of stock 3 stores
  34. Avatar
    Lmao coming back in store now it’s warming up
  35. Avatar
    Been to 3 stores in Newcastle but they said they didn’t get any stock and said its been delayed (edited)
  36. Avatar
    Shelf space was empty when I arrived at my local branch 10mins after opening this morning (NW London).
    I asked a member of staff whether they had actually had any in and another assistant told me that they just had one box delivered - she said approx 10 blankets.

    However, she then said as soon as the store opened just one customer purchased the entire lot! I did say that shouldn't be allowed but she just kinda shrugged and said there were no restrictions.

    Annoying as my Electric Blanket of many years packed up a few nights ago after overheating. It's usually on my bed about 6 months every year!

    49263349-OucPi.jpg (edited)
    That's shocking
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    Returning mine the heat selection switch had seized up Only used it a few times . Can’t be bothered to take the switch apart , shouldn’t have too. - Good luck , nice price though !
  38. Avatar
    Low or no stock anywhere I been. Looking fr 2 king size around South Manchester, any one knows any stock?
    I don't think the singles or kings are even available in store, the magazine mentions king and single are online only purchases. Might be why if any stock is available people are only finding doubles.
  39. Avatar
    "Silentnight Electric Blanket" Or....... get a partner?
  40. Avatar
    Zero in store stock at 9.50 on 8th Jan. Called into Lidl and found two 80cm *150 cm, bought one and t's fine, about £22.
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