Silentnight Impress Memory Foam 2.5cm Mattress Topper - Double £34.99 Delivered (£50+ elsewhere) DON'T SLEEP ON THIS GREAT DEAL! @ The Bedding Company

Silentnight Impress Memory Foam 2.5cm Mattress Topper - Double £34.99 Delivered (£50+ elsewhere) DON'T SLEEP ON THIS GREAT DEAL! @ The Bedding Company

Found 18th Apr 2014
Was looking for a decent online deal for this and, after checking the usual suspects of Amazon, Argos et al, I was stunned to find this deal without any competitors coming close to it for price. I have tried one of these first-hand before and can only say great things about them. Completely rejuvenated my friend's tired old mattress.

Silentnight Impress Topper - breathe new life into a tired mattress!

Designed to help reduce stress, relieve pressure, back pain and aching joints. It moulds perfectly to the contours of your body for ultimate support and has the added benefit of being non allergenic.

Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK and should not be confused with cheaper imitations manufactured abroad. Includes free removable washable cover.

This topper is 2.5cm or 1 inch thick.
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1. Inch. Thick.

1. Inch. Thick.

they tend to crease up easily and if you don't rotate often the crease becomes difficult to get rid of

At Argos, you get this with 2 memory foam pillows free!!
Seems I dropped this deal in Trollsville!
Firstly, your comment on having to rotate it constantly due to creasing is a far-sighted comment. You're probably referring to the Poundland imitations that have a poorer quality material. Just refer to the many good reviews on Argos to get a more democratic appraisal.

The comment on Argos' "amazing" deal, may I draw your attention once more to the price of this WITHOUT pillows. Your reposte is valid if Argos' offer price even comes close to this. Perhaps you should post it and see what happens.

As for the sarcastic comment on its thickness, I find there's plenty one can do with just one inch. Just ask my wife...

Sit back down in your punditry armchairs, you miserable ol' harridans!
Tomatoes, cheap. There are many toppers available for that price and those specs. I have bought one in the past, but at 1" was hardly worth the effort. I'm sure your wife would agree. Off to sit in an armchair.

There are many toppers available for that price and those specs.

Then please climb out of your armchair and backup your claims with some hard evidence, rather than making a silly piece of subjective speculation...
What's the point? They're not deals. Buy them on Ebay direct from the manufacturers. For that price a dozen companies with sell you one.
Furthermore, just 5 seconds on eBay found me a double 1" topper for £23.50.
You're simply missing the point of why I'm putting this deal up there. I can't speak for the eBay deal that you're mentioning, but I anticipate that it is an unbranded and, therefore poor representation of what you'd call a top quality material. The market is saturated with cheaper, poorer quality mattresses and toppers, which is why it's always sensible to opt for a reputable manufacturer with high standards of quality control. Silentnight, being just one example of these brands sells this normally at an RRP of £75+. I have found no other retailer that can offer this product at such a discounted price, hence why I'm posting the thing in the first place. Surely you can judge this deal on the merit of its reduction from RRP..?

...please try and make a critique of this deal based on whether it has a reputable manufacturer competing with it or if you can find the exact same product at a cheaper price, because saying that an unbranded eBay "imitation" competes with this is absurd.

You're simply missing the point yada yada yada

Try looking at ALL the reviews for said same item as supplied by Argos, Very etc etc

I assume from your arrogant and somewhat pathetic excuse for arguments/replies that you are either an employee of The Bedding Co or associated with same or you just believe only what you believe and tend to ignore all others who give valid reasons for not buying!

Enough said
Oooh, burn!
It's just memory foam dude.
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