SilentNight Impress Memory Foam Pillows (Morrisons) £12

SilentNight Impress Memory Foam Pillows (Morrisons) £12

Found 2nd Jan 2008
Was shopping in morrisons today and saw they had memory foam pillows priced at £12 which in my eyes is a bargin so thought i would share,

Did a quick search and found the same pillow for £35

I got mine from the morrisons in hull and there only a few left so be quick

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This is a steal because these are £30 at the best of times.
Voted hot. I will be going for one tomorrow.
Voted hot and picture added into topic.
pillows or pillow ?

how many in the pack?
nationwide deal?
Do ya need 2 each of these cos they are only small aren't they?
you only get one pillow for £12, just the same size as my other memory foam pillow but slighty thinner Approx size 22" x 14" x 4" x 3.5" Or 55cm x 36cm x 11cm x 9cm
My duck feather pillows are getting a bit too flat so i'll have a look for these tomorrow.
I got one of these from My Local Tj Hughes Not Silentnight but sleepeasy for only £9.99 and they had the matress toppers going cheap as well
Are these actually any good?
I paid £20 for a "memory foam" pillow that forgot.
It went flat.
how long did you have it for? had my memory foam pillow and matress for about 8 months now. Brilliant.. couldnt beleive the change it made to my sleep when i got them!

I paid £20 for a "memory foam" pillow that forgot.It went flat.

Very Funny

nationwide deal?

yeah its the sale that started on the 27th but you'll have to get them quick as its only a short 4 week sale! then it's changing to easter :roll:

there is also the double bed one for £50 which i got told should be about £100!
These are great if you suffer with any neck problems.Gr8 find:thumbsup:
Tesco have their own branded ones always in stock around £15 I seem to remember.
I have had one for over a year now, it's certainly better than a normal pillow for me, but I wouldn't say it's made my nights significantly better. What it does guarentee is a more 'standardised' sleeping arrangement whereas normal pillows can be different every night.

I also have a full 6" memory foam mattress which is ok, but again nothing amazing.
I bought one of these last night from Mogs and have to say it is like sleeping on a breeze block. I'm hoping it will get better with a few weeks use.
My girlfriend has back problems and has a Tempur memory foam pillow which is amazing, but also very expensive at £70+.

Typical example of you get what you pay for.
you can get these similar pillows from TKMax at affordable price (approx 15 - 30 pounds).
[SIZE="4"]> Are these actually any good?[/SIZE]

I did a lot of research into these pillows because I have terrible neck pain and the only one I have found to be of any significant benefit (I sleep soundly because of it) - was from Putnam Pillows - I have the visco memory foam royal pillow:…htm

I take my pillow with me when I go on holiday and left it in France by mistake this year. I bought a cheaper one from Matalan when I got back - it didn't work and I had about three weeks waking up in agony. I have bought myself another Putnam pillow and everything is fine now. They are about £50 + vat but are definitely well worth it if you suffer from neck sleeping problems.
I am a pillow freak and after a lot of experimentation I prefer John Lewis latex foam pillows, the ones with holes drilled through them.

The advantage of these (and maybe the memory foam ones as well?) is that it's impossible to get murdered by having one stuffed over your face. They are also very easy on the neck for sleeping on...
I am looking for good pillow for my OH as he has neck problem.
But £50 for a pillow is rather expensive.
Anything cheaper that is good as well?

*Ultrak3wi, which one are you talking about? Can't find it in their website.
> But £50 for a pillow is rather expensive.

That's what I thought when I bought it but when you think about it, even if you only have it for a year, that's about £1 a week to totally eliminate problems caused by a stiff neck - well worth it for me (and if you're not daft enough to leave it on holiday, it should last you two years or more :-)) - that's the only reason I have recommended it - it's ok spending £10 - £20 for one of the cheaper memory foam pillows but if it doesn't solve the stiff neck problem then it is just another (expensive) pillow.
Thats quite correct.
But I have never know/own any pillow that last that long though...:(
These pillows are rubbish, do yourself a favour and save the money. It's not decent quality visco-elastic and you will probably be left feeling what all the fuss is about "memory foam".

If you really must try a "memory foam" pillow then Amazon do BOGOF ones for £15.99 which are the same cheap and nasty type of thing only cheaper.

As always if you want a decent quality then you have to go for a Tempur, but it costs £50-70.

However, I would recommend Latex/Talay pillows over memory foam. They are far, far better and simply last for years. I have never known them to lose their shape and they offer some of the best support. You are guaranteed to sleep soundly.

TKMaxx are doing some Fogarty "Constant Latex" large pillows at the moment for £14.99, which is a TRUE bargain. These are 100% latex with holes drilled through perforated for airation. Anywhere else they will set you back at least £50 and are identical to Dunlopillo or the John Lewis ones.
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