Silentnight Knightly 2800 Pocket Memory Foam £506.14 @ Argos

Silentnight Knightly 2800 Pocket Memory Foam £506.14 @ Argos

£506.14Argos Deals
Found 22nd May 2016
Top of the range mattress down from £1559.99 to £506.14 delivered when using code FURN20

Different sizes available
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Perfect for anyone with more money than sense.
I have this but hukd won't let me post. Well worth the money and a which best buy.…c=1
Would rather sleep on the Keira Knightly

Perfect for anyone with more money than sense.

I wouldn't pay £1560 on a mattress myself, but you spend a third of your life in bed, so it makes no sense whatsoever to scrimp on your mattress.
This looks like a great deal to me
I'm not for scrimping either for the same reasons but Argos have these made for them (and to a specification even the Silentnight support team would be hard pressed to tell anyone....try calling them if you don't believe me).
There is no real point in going above 1600 springs in my opinion as the springs are smaller and usually weaker. This mattress can only be rotated and not turned (due to the sweaty foam on one side) thus reducing the lifetime slightly.
We boughty a quality mattress made locally which we tried out first. Its a kingsize with 1600 springs and edge support. It cost £160 and we added a removable mattres topper for another £30 . We have been using it for over 5 years now and its still great (unlike our old top of the range saggynight we bought from Argos which failed to support us after 9 months and gave us bad backs).
Now we both sleep great and we can rotate and turn it when we like without thinking about that manky foam layer stuck to it.
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