Silentnight Superspringy 13.5 tog KING Size Duvet £25 at Sainsburys

Silentnight Superspringy 13.5 tog KING Size Duvet £25 at Sainsburys

Found 30th Dec 2011
Picked up a Silentnight King Size Duvet 13.5 tog for £25 at Sainsburys Plymouth Marsh Mills branch this morning. They had plenty left. My girlfriend assured me that it was a good deal.

It is the Superspringy one and non allergenic.

This is online too.

This is KING size and not Single as there seems to be a bit of confusion that all duvets are the same.


this is £15 in my local

£15 at tesco

£15 @ Tesco Aberdeen

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this is £15 in my local

That is the single one!

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£15 at tesco

Are you sure its the same one? Is it definitely the Silent Night Super Springy non allergenic one?
I've just had a look on Tesco Direct and they do not sell this make and model on there.
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Tesco selling hi therm duvets. £15 is for single, kingsize is £32. £25 for this duvet is ok though,

Good deal to me.

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It is a good deal. Its just people getting confused with their togs, queens and kings. They must be single or is that the duvet in Tesco?

Good price this, heat added.

I work for sainsburys team valley Gateshead and have just bought a silentnight super springy king size duvet for £15 we are also selling double size for £12
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