silver bay point white and red £2 a bottle online at tesco
silver bay point white and red £2 a bottle online at tesco

silver bay point white and red £2 a bottle online at tesco

Buy forBuy forBuy for£2
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as above cant go wrong at £2 a pop


oh yes you can

This is vile,so is the red.

This stuff is only 8% alcohol. Might as well buy ordinary plock and dilute it with tap water!

yuk,cheap wine is bad,full of chems.
better of to buy the more expensive when it comes to wine im afraid.
cheap wine headches
good wine fine next day as no chems

Vile, low strength British wine. It's difficult to imagine how much worse this could be.

I can concur, this wine is putrid! Could only drink it when mixed with lots of lemonade.

mouthwash lol

"Pop" is the relevant word.

yup, I got a bottle of the red for christmas from someone (that probably doesn't like me!) and can concur that it is utter rubbish.
much better to see what half price wines Tesco have on when you're in and spend a couple of pounds more.

I'm afraid this tastes and smells like toilet cleaner, one to avoid !!

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pmsl itll do for the wife wolfblass for me

i drink pretty much anything but even i think this is minging!! the red is absolutely vile

I bought a box of this for £8 thinking that I could have a glass or two after a bottle of wine......... IT IS AWFUL... I can still taste it when I think about it......*shudders*

Have a bottle left over from my misadventure of trying it... waiting for a school draw to come up so i can generously donate !!

This stuff is the worst of teh worst. Better than drinking anti-freeze i guess..

8% and made from imported grape juice.
That tells you all you need to know.
Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
Amazed that Tesco embarass themselves by stocking this.
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