Silver Crest Milk Frother £19.99 @ Lidl

Silver Crest Milk Frother £19.99 @ Lidl

£19.99LIDL Deals
LocalFound 5th Nov 2013
Achieve perfectly frothed or heated milk in no time at all
With a high-quality, non-stick coating by ILAG®
Capacity (ml):
- Heating milk: 250
- Frothing milk: 125
3 year manufacturer's warranty
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link doesn't go to item and no price?
Deal available from 11/11

Very similar idea to the Aeroccino which is RRP £46
Ah I'm on a mobile app, new and can't work out, it's £19.99 I did enter this? From lidl, available from 11/11

ok, seems like a good price
It won't allow me to add deal URL,

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Thanks c88, haven't managed to froth milk properly, using steam wand.
Going to get one of these.
Does this froth hot milk, or is it a choice between heating and frothing?
from looking it heats and froths milk up..

from looking it heats and froths milk up..

Thanks, but I can read!

Was looking for input from someone who has one and can give a definitive answer as the description (and video) is not clear, especially as the video notes using cool milk for a better froth
I got one today. It is superb. It makes the milk hot and froths to the top in under a minute. Helps keep my tassimo hotter for much longer and the froth lasts till the end too.

The minimum mark for frothing makes enough for 1 cup and the max enough for 2. Hot tried the hot milk only feature yet so cant comment on that.

Rinse with cold water and wipe with kitchen roll is all it needs to clean too.

I wasn't implying you couldn't read. I don't have one of these I have a nespresso Areoccino but that was £46 I posted this deal to help others, not to be jumped at. Just because I didn't know the product inside out to answer you, so I checked It out and just said what I understood from it, doesn't mean I was implying you couldn't read!!!
Submerged, yeh sounds just like an areoccino then. There really good :-)
Bought the Siver Crest Frother last week. I`ve tried it on the highest max mark with semi skimmed milk and it overflows big time. I`ve tried it on the lowest max mark and it overflows a little bit. It`s going back to Lidl tomorrow. It does heat and froth the milk well though... but i don`t want to have to clean the side each time I use it.
I've got one of these and I'm pleased with it
You can heat more milk if you don't use the frother
If you do use the frother the max milk level is much lower. (And slightly hard to spot as near the min). As long as you stick to that you don't have an overflow. Very firm froth, doesn't evaporate. Good quality non stick
Absolutely fantastic, had a different make before which took ages and only produced 1/4 as much froth. Also had the hand held variety not much use. This takes only seconds to produce vast quantities of warm frothy milk. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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