Silver spoon 1 kg Sugar now £0.68 @ Asda

Silver spoon 1 kg Sugar now £0.68 @ Asda

Found 11th Aug 2010Made hot 11th Aug 2010
Roll back 1 kg sugar 68p..Usually 98p per kg


great price - thanks - heat added

think lidl/aldi do sugar at this price too

also Morrisons at the mo.

it is 68p in Tesco at the moment too

59p in Farm Foods

For the smugglers: sugar is heavily taxed in mainland Europe. Buy 50 of these and sell them in the Netherlands for £1.50 and you have your travel money back! (go by ferry)

Its really good price if you buy a pack of 15 from costco, if you want that many and you have a card!

For those in Birmingham, Latifs sell T&L at 50p a kilo bag or the Pak supermarkets will sell you two one kilo bags for £1.


59p in Farm Foods

was 2 for £1 not sure is still on. (_;)

another good offer is asda

its this price in netto all year round

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