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Posted 4 October 2022

SilverCrest 20L Dehumidifier - Instore - £119 instore @ Lidl

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Moisture extraction rate: up to 20L/24 hours

4 settings:
Drying laundry (powerful fan and dehumidification)
Target humidity (30% to 80% preset plus continuous operation)
Fan function (no dehumidification)
Automatic and timed operation (programmable up to 24 hours)
Control panel with LED display: including operating mode display, timer, target humidity, current humidity, temperature
Additional 2-digit LED display on the front of the housing - shows e.g. current humidity or hours remaining in timer mode
Large water tank with window (capacity: 6.5L)
With removable and washable filter
Warning signal when the water tank is full
With overflow protection
Hose connection for continuous operation with the drainage hose included (30cm) or a garden hose
Automatic defrost function
With 4 wheels and practical recessed handles
Power consumption: 320W
Size: W34 x H57.8 x D23.8cm

Drain hose (30cm)
Removable, washable filter
Garden hose adaptor
Cable length: 150cm
3-year warranty
LIDL More details at LIDL
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  1. Avatar
    320W power consumption, can anyone advise if that is efficient or not? Want something to help with clothes drying but don’t want to spend a small fortune on electric
    At 34pence per kWh this would cost around 11p per hour to run.
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    I grabbed one of these a week or two back since my old desiccant one died, and one of Lidl shops near me presumably still had some lying around from last time they were on sale.

    It's a compressor based unit (so it has a fridge style buzz/humm compared to a desiccant type), and the model number is:
    IAN Code: 379890

    The manuals are on this Lidl support page if anyone needs more details on it:
    customer-service.lidl.co.uk/Sel…QAO (edited)
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    If using this to help dry the washing would I still need to have it ducted / Flexi flu through a window or can I have the room completely shut ie windows and doors
    It says it has a 6.5l water tank so will just need emptying I would think. You don’t need ducting
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    Always buy a dehumidifier with the tank at the front or you will be forever moving it around just to empty it.
    Or just place it turned around
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    How long will it take to dry clothes compared to tumble dryer (same load ammount)
    How long is a piece of string, that question cannot be answered as it depends on what you are drying I.E jeans will take a long time, it also depends how big the room is and if you keep the door closed etc. They are not just for drying clothes but help rid your home of damp condensation. I've been using one for years.
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    Can confirm still 3 left at Blackburn, Accrington Rd. Just bought one, any tips on how to use most effectively and energy efficiently would be welcome (sorry if that's a really broad question)
    This Refrigerant type apparently works best at room temperature so if drying clothes is the main reason for purchase pop it in a room that's Not freezing cold ( garage / conservatory etc) and shut the windows and doors to that particular space so the dehumidifier can do it's job efficiently which is to remove the moisture in the air caused by the damp clothes
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    Is this dessicant or refrigerant?
    Almost certainly compressor, desiccant seem to have lower capacity
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    Does a dehumidifier suppose to emit hot or cold air? I've an earlier Silvercrest model placed in my dining room that sometimes emits cold air. Is it suppose to do that?
    It should be warm when it's actually dehumidifying.

    The one posted by OP stops dehumidifying at a certain level if it's in automatic-mode though (something like 55%), and just runs the fan, which means the air coming out will likely feel cool when it's doing that.
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    On Lidl plus it says Sunday the 9th of October, sale date.
    Yes, also in their magazine it states from Sunday 9th
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    Humidity sensor is around 10% off I would say, comparing to Meaco and my other sensor. Otherwise, within 3 hours both of them - SilverCrest and Meaco - collected same amount of water. Therefore, I would say it is good, as Meaco is ~£250.
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    If anyone goes to check in store, please do let us know how you get on!
    Got one today at our local, only thing I would say is that the humidity sensor isn't very accurate or my other 3 humidity sensors in the house (all from various manufacturers) are all inaccurate, take from that what you will. It's reading about 15% lower than any of my other sensors meaning the auto function is pretty useless as it will only condense when 50% or above but when humidity in the house is 60% it thinks it's 45% so won't condense, besides that it is working.

    if anyone else picks one up and has other sensors it would be good to know if yours is similar since I can't be bothered to return it and find another is the same. (edited)
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    Two loads today with two airers (one heated). Bought the dehumidifier this morning and it took out half a tank of water through the day. Got carried away moving things around as bits dried definitely felt faster than usual to get drying day done.
    Did you use the laundry mode? I didn't find it made any difference to aiding the drying process on my clothes
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    Would this work in a cold conservatory to dry clothes?
    It will be very inefficient. Compressor ones work best above 20°C, better get a dessicant one. I have used both and there is no comparison in cold spaces. (edited)
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    These have half the extraction capability and a third roughly the water storage so would personally opt for the Lidl one. Lidl always been good at returns for me whereas those 2 are 3rd party sellers on Amazon so more uncertain.
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    Picked one up in Southsea and one left if anyone interested . They may have more out back as there was only space for two on the racking.
    I have done plenty of research and if your house is fairly warm this Refrigerant type dehumidifier is the correct choice but if you are going to put it in a cold room with no heating ( conservatory/ spare room etc ) you more than likely need the Dessicant type as these operate more efficiently at 10 degrees C and below with the added benefit of emitting warmer air into the closed space . On the flip side this type is more expensive to run but apparently you only need it on for roughly 60% of time a refrigerant type takes to dry the clothes . So it kind of evens out .
    I will see how this one performs and if it's not that great I will take back and buy a Dessicant type from elsewhere ( the meaco Zambezi is a which magazine high score and best buy ) (edited)
    Snap. Exactly same as this post but in Crowborough, East Sussex.
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    I got one from Battle Hill today, did a load of washing, wrote down current electric price from HDD, then had this running since 2.30 in laundry mode (with towels on an airer in front if it) for about 4 hours and my electric usage has only gone from £1.06 when I switched it on, to £1.49 now.
    Much cheaper than running the dryer 😁
    Were  the towels dry after 4 hours? (edited)
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    Was going to use this in a bedroom but it's much louder than I expected. Also has way too many lights to keep it running whilst sleeping
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    Brilliant machine. Dried my washing perfectly on my indoor washing line
    Indoor was around 19 degrees and took around 3 hours to dry 3 loads...about 33p
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    So am I right in thinking if you're trying to beat the gas bills and your house is less than 18c at night a dessicant based dehumidifier is best for drying clothes whilst operating whilst heating is off?
    I would say less than 16.
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    It's a decent deal with a 3 year warranty. Seems quiet enough in operation, quieter than my old Trotec one which was a noisy thing when the compressor kicks in. Seems as quiet as my other Dimplex 10liter per hour one.

    The others can be relegated to the office at work.

    Power consumption is approx 260-270
    48412820-5oQSI.jpg260-270w when it's settled down in Auto mode, cost per hour is approx 6.7p with my electricity at 24/kWh on my fixed tarrif, good for drying clothes. The peak 320w is only when it's starting up. (edited)
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    Thank you for posting this. A newbie here. Went and got the last piece from the closest Lidl. Been using for the past 2 weeks and I absolutely love it. Dries clothes overnight even in this cold weather. And leaves the room fresh rather than all damp and moist. 320W x 8 hours and still lesser power than running a full tumble dryer cycle. Amazing!
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    Would my 10% off voucher work?
    The voucher is unlikely to absorb that much water to be honest....
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    Is this a big one or a lidl one? (edited)
    I have a big one
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    Can anyone comment on this who has this particular one? Is it noisy, does it guzzle electricity? Just thinking of using it to dry washing rather than the tumble drier?
    i think roughly 10p per hour based on Energy Price Guarantee (October 2022) electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh (edited)
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  26. Avatar
    Would this work for a hangover?
    Probably especially drinks from Wetherspoons
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    So is this available from 6th or 9th?
    Comments suggest 9th, so I'm confused
    See image from latest magaine48366683-TCuIj.jpg
  28. Avatar
    Confirmed by Lidl via Facebook
    Op needs to update the deal title
    Updated. They had originally put it from the 6th but just looked and also changed on their website.
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    Agree on the sensor discrepancies - put a xiaomi sensor in the room and it is 15 degrees higher on the humidity
    meant to ask was the Xiaomi one showing 15% higher? I have tado thermostats a Philip air purifier and standalone humidity sensor, all show around the same but the Lidl dehumidifier is showing consistently 15% below what the other devices report 🤷‍♂️
  30. Avatar
    3 year warranty too
  31. Avatar
    Never had one, always dried clothes in a tumble drier, outdoor washing line, looking forward to trying this out and seeing what impact it has on the electric this year.
    Thanks OP.
  32. Avatar
    No it was the only one I’m afraid
  33. Avatar
    My local had 3 in so got one with my 10% voucher from Lidl plus.
  34. Avatar
    Good deal! Very timely also
  35. Avatar
    I am looking for a dehumidifier, will check this out, thanks for posting
  36. Avatar
    Found this on the ALDI site for what looks to be a very similar unit, I wonder if they are made by one manufacturer and rebranded and some external frame tweaks made...

    The Aldi one uses a bit more wattage, so unlikely to be the same product
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    This looks like a big capacity machine for the money, in fact i was tempted to return the Costco one I posted on a few days ago ( hotukdeals.com/dea…983 ) and opt for this lidl one. But could only find one Amazon review for the Lidl model. Trying to decide on one of these is worse than choosing a TV!! There are so many models available at similar specs and prices. But I will stick with my Costco one, as can return it if im not satisfied, plus Woods brand have been making dehumidifiers since 1950, originally in Canada, but now produced in Sweden. Silvercrest is a Lidl brand though you do get a 3 year warranty.
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    THanks for sharing @sapphire
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    Wondering if this has automatic restart so can be used with a smart plug?
    I tested mine and it doesn't appear to be able to start running automatically after power-loss, you have to press the on/off button on it after it regains power to get it running again (i.e. it defaults to being off).

    Tried holding down the on/off button during powering-on, to see if you could like whack a weight on it and that doesn't work either.

    I tested it again just now after playing around with it, and somehow I managed to get it to actually start running after power-loss; it might have been through doing something like enabling the child-lock functionality or it being in a certain mode. So it *might* be possible to use it with smart-plug, but I can't guarantee it'll reliably work that way. (edited)