Silvercrest Digital Satellite Dish & Receiver Set for £59.99 in-store @ Lidl

Silvercrest Digital Satellite Dish & Receiver Set for £59.99 in-store @ Lidl

Found 20th Aug 2007
* Complete satellite set, consists of:
* - 57cm Ø satellite steel offset dish
* - Digital free-to-air sat receiver with remote control
* - Twin LNB
* - Wall bracket
* - 4 x F-plugs
* Coaxial, optical and S-VHS connection
* Pre-programmed satellites: Astra 19.2°E, Astra 28.2°E, Eutel W2 16E, Hotbird 13°E, Sirius2 4.8E,Amos/Atlantic 4-5W, HellasSat 39E,Türksat 42E and HispaSat 30W
* Features:
* - Plug & Play
* - Auto search with 4500 programmable channels
* - MPEG-2 and DVB compatible
* - LED display
* - OSD (On-Screen-Display)
* - Radio
* - Child lock
* - and many more
* Free 3 year manufacturer's warranty
* Price per set


Is it patchable?

yes apparently so - I read about it on satellite help website.

yes it is for FTA out of the box, I don't really want to discuss it on here as that is not what HUKD is about.

Search for 'satellite help' on google and visit the first result.

If this is the Comag model and I think it is , I just found a link to a website about it the other day .I do believe they can be patched but such talk is a no,no . I use a 5400 & a TM1500 myself but this would make a good starter kit , only if you dont want to keep making Mr Murdoch richer .If you know what I mean . wink ,wink ,nudge ,nudge.

It might be patchable. If the chip revision is B1 then it'll work. If not then I'm afraid it won't. The only way to check this is to open the receiver and remove heatsink from the chip.

Did anyone buy one then?

Plenty of people did. Check it out on Satellite Help.
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