Silvercrest Electronic Timer £3.99 instore @ Lidl

Silvercrest Electronic Timer £3.99 instore @ Lidl

LocalFound 24th Aug 2017Edited by:"LaTerciaReal"
Picked one up today, sorry, don't have any more details on it but it looks like the usual ones they do from time to time. Didn't notice if they had the mechanical timers as well.

Edit: Details off the box:
Digital - for indoors
LCD display with seconds
Random switching - simulates presence e.g. for holidays
10 on/off settings in minute increments
16 program combinations for individual day or blocks
12 or 24 hour display option
With child protection

max. 3120W
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had two of these for 8 years at a guess and still work fine.
I need a couple of timer switches but never looked at what's out there. Are they're typically good?
Thanks I need a couple
The one on the left hand side looks similar to ones I purchased. You can program different on/off settings for different days. I thought one had gone wrong the other day but it just required a reset and works fine again now. I'm quite pleased with it, easy to use and program.
Just got one. Now price is £4.99
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