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Silvercrest PMR Walkie Talkie £24.99 @ Lidl
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Silvercrest PMR Walkie Talkie £24.99 @ Lidl

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Posted 14th Sep 2009

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Found these in Lidl over weeken, but cannot find a link on the Lidl site. Are these any good?
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They are identical in specifications to all other licence free "walkie talkies"

the licence for manufacturer states the frequencies it uses, maximum power output, and the fact it cannot have any other aerial than the one supplied with it

Therefore apart from the type of batteries it uses, the range is identical to any other licence free walkie talkie, no matter if it cost £10 a pair or £200 a pair.
The "box" says it has an 8KM range. Are they worth getting?
the 8KM range advertised on most walkie talkie boxes is laughable.
you MAY get that range standing on the top of a very high hill in the middle of a desert, but in a normal town/village probably about half a mile is average.
They have both digital and analogue CTSSC/DSC encryption I think - does this make any difference to the quality/build of these units?
neither of those is encryption
its just a means to enable one walkie talkie to call a specific other one.
It means you cant hear anything until your called by a friend using the same ctcss or dcs/dcs tones
However anyone can isten in to anything you say

the range as said earlier is exactly the same as any other no matter if you pay £10 for 2 or £200 each
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