Silvercrest Slow Juicer £59.99  instore Lidl

Silvercrest Slow Juicer £59.99 instore Lidl

£59.99LIDL Deals
Found 22nd Jun 2016
In stores from Wednesday and is available while stocks last. It juices fruit and vegetables, and is more than 60% cheaper than many branded rivals.
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I love masticating.

I love masticating.


will be thursday not wednesday
some cost 2000 pounds . whats this 6
0% business . i bought one .its crap. produces very little use / food used compared to my phillips

will be thursday not wednesday

Thanks for that billy
Brilly you old broken tooth...
I know a deal when see one and this £20 pricer then I paid. I Ain't no mug got mine from Aldi £39.99 thank you very much. Same item better price! Haha ain't getting played by lidl.
Guess I win again Brilly babes tuck your teeth in lol kisskiss x
I bought one of these yesterday.

Tried it this morning. It lasted about a minute and then the motor packed up. Maybe just bad luck, but it was also a PITA to clean (although not sure how much of it can go in a dishwasher).

Think I'll just get my money back.
Bought this. Lastes about 2-3 weeks. Then gone. Got a refund.
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