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Posted 2 October 2022

Silverline 154006 Mechanics Stethoscope 320 mm £5.44 @ Amazon

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  • Pinpoints worn bearings, engine faults and other mechanical noises
  • Allows safe access to confined areas
  • Chrome-plated steel with PVC hoses and soft rubber ear pieces
  • 320mm
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  1. Avatar
    Quite a useful tool, saved me lots of trouble few times. Much better than the screwdriver trick especially for the inaccessible places.
  2. Avatar
    Wonder how many mechanics tell their car to breathe in and breathe out?
  3. Avatar
    The old man use to listen via a long screwdriver and hold his ear to the handle
  4. Avatar
  5. Avatar
    I use a screwdriver but tend to just rely on if it's one fire it's broken if not it's golden
  6. Avatar
    If you don't hear 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon in a timely manner, it maybe time to check the old tailpipe (edited)
  7. Avatar
    These are dreadful quality and unusable, other than as a prop.
  8. Avatar
    I feel a new career coming on, NHS really needs more Doctors
  9. Avatar
    Thanks OP
  10. Avatar
    For the wannabe docs out there...
  11. Avatar
    I'd like to see someone trying to use this on a dodge demon
  12. Avatar
    "I'm just going to listen to your urethra"

    Stuff of nightmares.
  13. Avatar
    Seems more ideal for use on patients with bull****

    a good mechanic can often use feel and listen without a stethoscope, but that is an old fashion skill even doctors are hardly trained for
  14. Avatar
    I think you may be able to hear if there are any leaks in underground water pipes as well.