Silverline 427711 2 Tonne Hydraulic Bottle Jack now £5.57 delivered @ amazon

Silverline 427711 2 Tonne Hydraulic Bottle Jack now £5.57 delivered @ amazon

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Found 10th Feb 2011Made hot 10th Feb 2011
A compact and powerful hydraulic bottle jack. Screw-adjustable lifting saddle. Supplied in a blow-mould saddle case. Minimum height : 148 mm. Maximum height : 278 mm


These are rock solid...

I was tempted as its cheaper than buying hydrolic fluid which mine needs but the reviews are pretty bad

much safer than them ones with wheels on .. death traps i tell ya
wouldn't really take notice of the bad reviews..

Quite versatile these bottle jacks you know.

Always handy especially at this price.

Or, this for £15.32 delivered.

The postage alone must be a fiver!!!

well handy! ordered, thanks

how do you get free delivery ?

I get £6.65 + £5.59 shipping ???

To get for price mentioned with delivery included, on the right under "more buying choices" look for Amazon UK and click add to basket. They have made another retailer the default for the product as there is now a 2-3 week wait for the item.

Very handy for breaking and entering.

It has mixed reviews, but I've just ordered one at £5.57, with expected delivery 3rd -8th March.

thats a brilliant price for a 2tonne jack

I already have a small trolly jack, but this would be handy in situations where space is cramped.

Cheers - ordered

Not too sure i'd use one of these on my car tbf,
I used to have a small 2 tonne wheel jack, but it really didn't like that,
So went for a pro sized one from costco for £90
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