Silverline 580mm Folding Shovel £4.75 @ Amazon (Add-on Item/Free Delivery With £10 Spend/Amazon Prime)

Silverline 580mm Folding Shovel £4.75 @ Amazon (Add-on Item/Free Delivery With £10 Spend/Amazon Prime)

Found 15th Dec 2014
Silverline Tools 839280 580mm folding shovel & vinyl storage pouch.

If you believe what you read in the tabloids, the coldest, harshest, bleakest winter since the ice age is about to hit the UK, so this folding shovel would be handy to keep in the car/van/snowmobile for emergencies. At £4.75 it's an inexpensive stocking-filler for someone who is easily pleased with practical gadgets.

Some info from the Amazon page:

Product Description.

Carbon steel serrated blade. Powder coated. Handle is tightened by integral collet - no need for additional tools. Includes vinyl storage pouch. Min length: 245mm, max length 580mm. Heavy duty forged steel shovel with 1.5mm thick, serrated blade and comfortable, triangular handle. Folded length 235mm, overall length 580mm. Includes soft storage pouch with belt loop.

Reviews seem mixed but according to, the shovel is at its lowest ever price on Amazon, although a HUKD search revealed that the same shovel was available on Amazon for £4.49 this time last year. Similar folding shovels by Draper/AA can often be had for around a fiver, the RRP is £9.54, if you believe that?

Free UK delivery is available with £10+ spend/Amazon Prime membership.


These are really solid, good to keep in the car!

Thanks, ordered 2. Ideal for the car with all the driving I do for Work, and the other for my brother.

Good shout OP

Got one of these in the car, better than nothing but thats about the best i can say.

Mine broke the first time i used it ( light use only )

Heat added thanks

First two reviews aren't too encouraging:

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Flimsy and useless AVOID!!!
By Bil on 8 May 2012
Verified Purchase
Initially I was delighted with the shovel, it was small compact, portable and seemed ideal, right up until I tried to use it, the retaining washer at the base of the blade buckled immediatley rendering the showel awkward to use, although this soon became a moot point as the moment I applied any pressure the blade bent as well.

In my opinion you would be better off investing in a seaside bucket and spade, it would be about as durable and at least you would get a bucket into the deal.
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Not happy
By Sophie on 9 Dec 2012
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When i got the item out the packaging the carrying handle fell straight off, and the shovel end wont stay connected. Poor quality product!
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