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Posted 1 January 2023

Silverline - Emergency Blanket 2pk (1m x 2m) - £1.83 @ Amazon

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Silverline 226306 Emergency Blanket 1m x 2m 2-PackWhether you're camping, hiking, cycling, or driving, an emergency blanket is an essential part of first aid and car emergency kits.

Providing protection in all-weather conditions, the Silverline Emergency Blanket is showerproof and windproof, protecting the wearer against light rain and strong winds in adverse weather conditions, and importantly, provides warmth in cold conditions.

If you're suffering from shock or trauma, this emergency blanket will assist in regulating body heat. It can easily be packed into a car or rucksack due to its compact, low-bulk shape when folded, and is virtually weightless, enabling you to effortlessly carry it with you as part of your essential kit. This product is a no-brainer for anyone taking part in outdoor pursuits of all kinds.

- Silver coating provides high visibility in dim light and from a distance

- Highly reflective element maintains core temperature in virtually all conditions, ensuring that blood circulation and heart rate remains active and level

- Large enough to wrap around the body while remaining compact enough to transport and store

Technical Specifications
  • Product Dimensions: 1m x 2m

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  1. Avatar
    Would bacofoil do the same job? I keep a roll in my boot in case of emergencies.
    I believe emergency blankets are made out of mylar, and tin foil is aluminium - assuming this is true, then no, it's not the same or remotely similar. Mylar has insanely good heat retention and light reflection properties that aluminium doesn't have. A plus of using mylar is that the reflective properties will make it easier for rescuers to find you if you need it.

    That being said, the best way to test it is to wrap yourself in some tinfoil and see how warm you feel.. 
  2. Avatar
    A must for the EV travellers
  3. Avatar
    Semi useless without a blanket.
    Semi useless without a partner 🤭
  4. Avatar
    Better to spend a bit more and invest in a reflective survival bag - for example, Lifesystems sell one you can step into a wrap the sides around yourself, or Heat Sheets/SOL do a bag that stores rolled smaller than a Cola can - as trapping warmth with these cheap blankets isn’t easy…more psychological effect than anything else, although might keep the rain and wind off
    Totally agree with this, I have this one and thankfully have never had to use it so cannot speak to its efficacy but it’s under 100g so you won’t notice it in a hiking bag, I also take one of these in the winter, you can but cheaper but they won’t pack as small or be about 200g! I have a friend that always uses his bothy to brew up in if the weather is inclement   
  5. Avatar
    Just ordered 4 for the 5% discount. Hopefully I'll never use these and they'll be a waste of money. But for the price, it's cheap peace of mind
  6. Avatar
    Wife has no excuse for putting the heating on for her & the kids now!
  7. Avatar
    I put them behind the radiator as a cheap way of reflecting the heat from going into the wall.
  8. Avatar
    Great for keeping aliens at bay
  9. Avatar
    Ordered, many thanks
  10. Avatar
    Ordered one for me and one for the parentals.

    Thanks Op

  11. Avatar
  12. Avatar
    Any good for behind radiators ?
    Just what I was thinking
  13. Avatar
    Thanks Rmcstar - just ordered a few for my sons cars and mine (edited)
    Any relatively new car will likely have them already
  14. Avatar
    Interesting reviews… used a lot for baby sensory ! Bought some for car and for little baba to roll around on.
  15. Avatar
    There was a woman on the television iron old crisp packets together to make these to give to homeless people. Truly bonkers when they cost under £1.
    She thought it was a good idea to give a hungry homeless persons an empty food container (edited)
  16. Avatar
    dont need it, bought it anyway
  17. Avatar
    Bought to put in the car in case of breakdown. Thank you
  18. Avatar
    Need emergency sleep, bought!
  19. Avatar
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    This is the best toy for babies ever.
    Bought it for exactly that
  22. Avatar
    So an FYI for those who don't venture under your boots parcel shelf.

    In modern cars, not sure when but my 2016 had it, there will be a med kit under the parcel shelf.

    Contains some really nice items, burn kits, bandages, bleeding out triage etc - and - heat blankets.

    So you might already have these in your car.

    Ps-(the med kit is seriously lacking minor paper cut plasters :()
  23. Avatar
    so i presumme this is just voted hot due to the over the top health and safety culture we have these days?
  24. Avatar
    Good spot, thanks OP
  25. Avatar
    Just don’t smoke when you have this on they are highly flammable. Your warm up quicker tho lol
  26. Avatar
    Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months. OMG i dont know where i will be tomorrow never mind in 1-2 months
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