Silverlit: i-Wings - £8.99 delivered @

Silverlit: i-Wings - £8.99 delivered @

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Found 30th Sep 2009
The Silverlit iWings are supplied as one of three colours. We cannot determine which you will receive.

Joining the new generation of RC flying toys that work by flapping their wings like a bird, the i-Wings from RC masters, Silverlit, offers action and fun in the shape of a futuristic aeronaut.

Many scientists and engineers have attempted to create machines that mimic the way a bird flies with varying degrees of success, but now Silverlit has perfected mini-ornithopter technology to create some of the smallest flapping wing RC models in existence. And who knows, maybe i-Wings is a glimpse of the future, and one day we'll all strap flapping wing packs to our backs to get about. It would certainly beat being stuck in traffic, anyway! Until then, though, you could practice with this mini-version.

Simple and fun to fly, i-Wings is ready to take flight straight out of the box and ultra-tough to survive the roughest landings. Controlled via an infra-red transmitter that also charges the built-in Li-Poly battery this is one the most exciting flying toys out there!


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[*] :Features:
[*] 4 x AA size batteries required (not included)
[*] Super wide infrared control
[*] Real-life flapping wing movement
[*] Indoor fly and easy to control
[*] Graceful flight patterns
[*] Special built-in safety features
[*] Optional Booster device for double the control distance[/LIST]

These gadgets all seem to have a limited life but at £8.99, great offer. The kids will love these Christmas morning.:thumbsup:

iwings, surprised they don't get sued by Apple, I thought it was something for the iphone etc
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