Silverlit PicooZ Insecta Helicopter - £9.99 @ Amazon !
Silverlit PicooZ  Insecta Helicopter - £9.99 @ Amazon !

Silverlit PicooZ Insecta Helicopter - £9.99 @ Amazon !

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Don't be fooled by the appearance of the PicooZ Insecta, it is not a super sized dragonfly or gigantic hornet - nor is it an extra terrestrial. The Insecta is a remote controlled helicopter designed for indoor aviation. A highly responsive mechanical marvel concealed in an ultra lightweight, bug-eyed insect exterior. The PicooZ Insecta has a shell, engineered to withstand bumps and crashes for those who lose their nerve mid flight. It's also light - and so won't cause any damage if crashed inside. The body conceals a high-grade rechargeable lithium battery and a minute propeller motor that enable it to fly around for approximately 10 minutes from a single charge. Charging the Insecta is simple. Connect the helicopter to the hand held remote control unit and wait for the charging indicator to signify the on board battery is being charged. Due to its size and weight the Insecta is most suited to indoor flight and is ideal for flying missions around the office or in the home. Joysticks on the remote enable control of altitude, direction and trimming making airborne navigation as simple as possible.


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Great deal edi, these are the best flting ones (IMO). I put a little blu tack on the nose to give more forward motion. HOT!

Gone up to £13.11 although still cheaper than elsewhere. I only just bought mine from Debenhams for £20.

Just need to arrange to take it back now as it's broken after 2 days use the main rotor axle basically uses the polystyrene body as a bush so it doesn't take a genius to work out what has happened!
I now have a rotor head that wobbles about too much ruining the stability and power.

Great fun whilst it lasted but I don't feel like i've had my £20 worth quite yet!

Also worth noting that unlike the non-Insecta models the legs flex upon landing which means the body (and the major components) take full force on the floor.
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