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Silverstone Black Friday Deals - Up to 50% Off
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Silverstone Black Friday Deals - Up to 50% Off
The deals include Buy any British Grand Prix MotoGP ticket and get a free general admission British Superbike Championship ticket for free British Superbike Championship ticket … Read more

Anyone know if I buy a Saturday ticket for the BTCC will I get a free Sunday one for September? I emailed Silverstone earlier but probably won't get a reply before midnight. The wording reads - FREE GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS TO SEPTEMBER RACE WITH ANY APRIL TICKET SELECTION. With any ticket selection I'm reading that to include Saturday too.


No problem. We did it a couple of years ago, great day out with plenty of action (y)


Thanks for posting. Will be giving the touring cars a go for the first time.


Agreed. Over the last 20 years i have been to the British GP 8 times, including as 'VIP' (as a corporate guest), in grandstand (several years at various parts of the circuit, also as a corporate guest), and most recently this year via general admission (which i did pay for). Had a great weekend there with the family, camped nearby from Thursday afternoon to Sunday, and for 3 of us (including my son, who didn't have to pay for entrance due to age) the whole thing came to about £500 plus food/drinks. On the Friday, general admission lets you into the grandstands, and on Saturday/Sunday this year we didn't have any problems getting somewhere to sit with decent views. The good thing about general admission is that over the weekend you can try different track views, but if you have a stadium seat you probably wouldn't want to move around [for the F1] due to how much you have paid for the seat. Personally, I had the best time this year vs previous years, but each to their own. Get somewhere opposite one of the big screens, take a FM radio for the commentary (don't bank on mobile signal, it's congested pretty much all weekend), take an umbrella just in case, and you get the full F1 experience with the cars just in front of you. We're going again in 2020!


Yeah going for one day really isnt worth it, definitely need to make a full weekend out of it.

FREE test day British Superbikes Championship @ Silverstone
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Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
FREE test day British Superbikes Championship @ Silverstone
Get up close to the riders in the open paddock and witness the teams putting their 2019 bikes through some testing on the circuit. Public Access from 08:30 BRDC Grandstand open f… Read more


Heat from me. Just hope it doesn't rain too much, like MotoGP!


When I saw the title, I thought it was for people to test out a superbike for free as some kind of day out lol (lol)


Seen when at Oulton park few years ago,worth a look (y)


No need to book or purchase tickets just turn up on the day

British GP 2019 Silver Grandstand Adult Seat UNTIL MIDNIGHT MONDAY 26TH NOVEMBER - £209
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
British GP 2019 Silver Grandstand Adult Seat UNTIL MIDNIGHT MONDAY 26TH NOVEMBER - £209
Direct from the Silverstone website: Buy a weekend Silver grandstand adult seat in Copse C for just £209 – saving £61. Simply select your choice of seats in Copse C and your baske… Read more
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Silverstone is a high price indeed but you are getting three days of entertainment for this. The main event is of course the 90-120mins on Sunday but this is a three day event with things to see for most of all the days including a concert and driver signings etc etc. Compared to a champions league game it’s actually relatively good value. But yes as an up front cost it’s a hell of a lot to swallow.


Yeah I have to agree I have to agree with you there! Ive seen a couple of BSB races at tracks around the UK and had a great time but for the whole family at this price!


Uncovered. You will either burn or get soaked.


It's a different experience...yes you don't get a view of everything happening around track unless you can see a big screen, and yes often by the end of the race you have no idea where anyone is in the standings. What you do get is heaps of atmosphere, and a much better sense of the speed and of the effort the drivers are putting into it. I tend to go for the experience, then go home and watch the race (y)


I honestly can't think of a worse place to watch a F1 race than at the circuit. Now you have the option of watching any view on Sky, I think I'll take that.

Lots Of Black Friday Offers, Including 2-Hour Tour For 2 Just £40 @ Silverstone
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Posted 23rd Nov 2017Posted 23rd Nov 2017
Lots Of Black Friday Offers, Including 2-Hour Tour For 2 Just £40 @ Silverstone
Starts 7am Friday, but limited availability. It went hot at £25.50 for one on the tour, so £40 for 2 this is even better but you better be quick! Great gift ideas coming up to Chri… Read more

Oops. I did not even think of trying that. Oh well, I'll learn for next time.


I don't know how this hasn't got hotter, some great savings to be had


you have to go through to checkout before discount appears


Managed to get on about 7.02 - All of the £199 British GP tickets had already gone, price back up to £260


50% off merchandise too, click BLACK FRIDAY SALE across the top; Essentials

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Posted 23rd Oct 2017Posted 23rd Oct 2017
Join us on Sunday 5 November for the Silverstone Fireworks and Stunt Show as we celebrate the end of an incredible 2017 season with an electric display of fireworks and stunt demon… Read more
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Used to be exciting, then I got a Dog, its terrifying for them absolutely awful.


Nice Cupid Stunts.

Silverstone Williams Media Day Friday 2nd June 2017 Free Tickets
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Posted 2nd May 2017Posted 2nd May 2017
Silverstone Williams Media Day Friday 2nd June 2017 Free Tickets
Friday 2 June – Silverstone Circuit – 11:00 – 15:00 Williams Martini Racing and Silverstone are inviting fans to join them for the British Grand Prix Preview event which takes pla… Read more

If anyone has a Spare Pit Walk Sessions they can no longer attend please let me know! Was too late to book them and missed out! :(


Does anyone know much about the site? Ie is it picnic friendly or do they expect you to purchase food inside? Is the car park very far from the site?


Yes looks like when they asked you to specify how many tickets it was most likely to give them some idea of numbers. No mention in the terms on the ticket you cant just print the same one off 50 times. Pit walks are for three sessions during the day and all sold out apart from 5pm-5.45pm.


Yeah the email says print the required amount


I requested for 4 and only got 1 PDF ticket

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Silverstone Easter Sunday Fun Day 27 Mar - FREE ENTRY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!
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Posted 28th Feb 2016Posted 28th Feb 2016
Silverstone Easter Sunday Fun Day 27 Mar - FREE ENTRY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!
To celebrate the start of the 2016 Silverstone Season Silverstone are hosting an Easter Sunday Fun Day that will be filled with entertainment for all the family as well as racing! … Read more

heres latest on event link for tix page - adult tix - children dont need one


What time does it open and close?


This looks great, I had only spoke to someone yesterday about Silverstone as it is very close to me then I saw this! Voted HOT!


I think an entrance ticket will be required


Thanks Jase79. Anyone know if this is a pre-booked ticketted event as I presumed until I read this that you just turned up on the day? Says "Admission to the Easter Sunday Fun Day is FREE of charge for the whole family! Revisit this page in the coming weeks to download your entrance tickets"

Silverstone Black Friday deals(2016 Silverstone British GP up to 50% off weekend tickets Copse plus others)
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Posted 25th Nov 2015Posted 25th Nov 2015
Silverstone Black Friday deals(2016 Silverstone British GP up to 50% off weekend tickets Copse plus others)
Silverstone will have some amazing deals Friday 07:00-23:59 Deals include: -50% off F1 British GP Copse C Weekend tickets -30% off all remaining driving experiences in 2015 -50% o… Read more

BTCC tickets £18 for the full weekend, I'll have some of that thank you!


ITYM Copse as in Copse corner. The Corpse deal is a dead end.


At present for the Corpse C weekend it shows as £299 on Silverstone website. On BookF1 the tickets already show as only just £165 for Corpse C weekend. Guessing inflated price then at present to bring down to the 50% off and that was only from checking 1 booking agent. Never booked F1 tickets before but would be a perfect present. So any help if this is a good price still would be more than welcome!

2016 FORMULA 1 BRITISH GRAND PRIX ticket sale from 3rd July Early bird for Raceday- £99 @ Silverstone
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Posted 26th Jun 2015Posted 26th Jun 2015
2016 FORMULA 1 BRITISH GRAND PRIX ticket sale from 3rd July Early bird for Raceday- £99 @ Silverstone
Race day tickets from £99. Weekend tickets from £120. Children aged 10 and under FREE. 2016 Tickets will be on sale in the venue from 07:00 on Friday 3 July and on the Silverstone … Read more

Just booked £99 tickets from the website. Hot!


I was a year out with refuelling but the free tyre choice is for 2016


nice :-0


very nice


very nice deal

silverstone f1 British Formula One Grand Prix tickets up to 44% off
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Posted 19th Jun 2015Posted 19th Jun 2015
silverstone f1 British Formula One Grand Prix tickets up to 44% off
all weekend up to 44% off tickets to British Formula One Grand Prix in July Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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BTCC is much more exciting with some great supporting races.


Got a free ticket last year. In retrospect I would have paid good money not to go.


F1 sucks now days, try the Le Mans 24hrs 2016 with a group of lads instead, General Admission for whole week is 70E, a camping/parking pitch on site (enough for a car and two man tent is 60E and if you really want a top grandstand seat they are 100E, not essential but money well spent when you are jostling with 260,000+ other fans for a view of the start/finish, god knows what the equivalent for the 3 days at F1 would costs you and all for a 2hr procession.... I did it this year from Kent on £80 diesel and £48 tolls which was shared amongst all 4 passengers in my money bumped the total up a bit tho of course ;-)


Been to a few races before and prefer to watch it on TV. I don't think the adrenaline rush will be the same as the cars fire up before the start because now they sound like lawnmowers. Get well soon Schumi


Joined the queue at half past got into tickets allocation by 15:35 Got me a ticket for £86.80. Should be a nice day out, if the weathers nice.

1000 weekend tickets Silverstone GP only £120 to be released Wednesday 9am,usually £175
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Posted 14th Apr 2015Posted 14th Apr 2015
1000 weekend tickets Silverstone GP only £120 to be released Wednesday 9am,usually £175
We have reviewed our child prices; children 10 & under will now be able to attend the event for free on a General Admission ticket. SPECIAL PROMOTION On Wednesday 15th April … Read more

Hot hot hot! Like your mum. This is a great deal. And for the haters of F1, or quieter cars, it's not just about the 2 hours of racing. It's a whole long weekend of music, beers, socialising and hopefully sun shine! Last year they had ABC playing for Christ sake, what more so you want?! Shoot that poison arrow through my heeeeaaart!


Silverstone Classic July 24-26th. 8 hours racing each day. Full circuit access,access to both pits, static displays from all the biggest car clubs and the chance to see Status Quo. £114 for a 3 day ticket. We stopped going to the F1 and go here instead. The campsites are much more relaxed as well.


btcc plenty local circuits, yes not as glam ad the heights of f1, but good door to door racing, 3 races on a Sunday, as well as the support package full of up and coming drivers plenty action on track, good atmosphere at fraction of the cost of f1


true. its got the premier league syndrome


agreed grandstand better but club Silverstone worth the extra silly money. I don't like the fact you can't choose seats and the seats are a joke as they are designed for dwarf skeletons

2015 Formula 1 British Grand Prix Sunday general admission tickets £99 only 1000 available @ Silverstone
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Posted 27th Jan 2015Posted 27th Jan 2015
2015 Formula 1 British Grand Prix Sunday general admission tickets £99 only 1000 available @ Silverstone
After an overwhelming response to a recent interview in which our MD Patrick Allen pledged to make the British Grand Prix more affordable for 2016, we’ve decided to bring the value… Read more
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Gold.Feet They don't need to be any louder than the above unless you hate the sound of a Hi-tech machine working away and prefer to drown it out with pure exhaust noise. There's always drag racing, monster trucks and tractor pulling if you're turned on by decibels.


I have been to dozens of races,lost interest about 6 years ago.And nope they still sound horrendous,a bit like a vacuum cleaner with a sock stuck.


Try going to an actual race instead of being a armchair TV fan. Here's the sound of a couple of the new cars, even so the TV still doesn't do them justice. There's nothing on the roads as loud or as interesting sounding. You can hear the Honda whistling, snarling, growling and roaring. Much better than the old constant ear piercing scream.


The noise of those cars is just amazing![/quote Lol not any more,a young guy down my street has a 1997 Fiat Punto 1 litre with 2x 4 inch exhausts that sounds meatier than the current cars


Booked parking through

Ferrari Experience day - Silverstone (Christmas deals)
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Posted 7th Dec 2013Posted 7th Dec 2013
Ferrari Experience day - Silverstone (Christmas deals)
Just browsing the web and stumbled across this site for experience days. 10 laps on part of the Silverstone circuit From Site: 10 laps or equivalent around one of Silverstone's fa… Read more

What is this site but a collection of adverts? I was under the impression highlighting ways of finding goods and services in a way that ends up cheaper and/or simpler for the end user was the purpose of HUKD. I would rather attend this day than two separate days that end up marginally cheaper for equivalent mileage, I think mainly because travel costs of the second day would make such a saving.. well.. no longer a saving. Plus at least with this one you are less likely to feel it all flew by too quickly. The public have spoken though, cold cold cold. I just hope at least one person takes advantage of this.


So more of an advert than a deal?


Good luck finding 10 laps of silverstone in one session without the hassle of double booking, and for cheaper, cold voters. :p


There's one like this in boots reduced from £199 to £99 but you can drive 3 cars all together, an Aston, Ferrari and Lamborghini for 3 hours, 3 miles each and a passenger ride also.


Still seems expensive too me :(

FREE Caterham Motorsport event at Silverstone, includes F1 demonstrations
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Posted 17th Oct 2013Posted 17th Oct 2013
FREE Caterham Motorsport event at Silverstone, includes F1 demonstrations
Two days (Sat 19th Oct and Sun 20th Oct) of free club racing at Silverstone, home of the British GP. There will be races for various classes of Caterham cars, Mazda MX5's, the Open… Read more

Ooo! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reply. One to keep in mind


Thanks jwc04 we are thinking of going along tomorrow if weather not too horrendous. Was there much else on apart from the racing as my 3yr old may get a bit bored (unlike my dear hubby and older son who won't want to leave at the end :p). Was thinking along the lines of attractions, food stalls etc, cheers.


yup, i did today


Are we sure?


The photos is mighty minis "UK's most entertaing" race series, we are racing at Donnington this wkend, tixs aren't free ;(

Be a marshall at Silverstone - training day next week
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Posted 30th Jun 2013Posted 30th Jun 2013
Be a marshall at Silverstone - training day next week
Be a marshall at Silverstone - training day next week watching F1 and they mentioned this - interesting Ever wanted to get closer to the action? Silverstone Marshals Team is lo… Read more

Cold. Free labour under the pretence of being a privilege.


No but you dont have to pay for a ticket and that would cover a lot if not all.[/quote] tickets are free for next weekend, i've already got mine[/quote] hairyman - how did you get on


when i did marshaling back in the late 90's i got paid for it plus traveling expenses, what happened??!! It's not like they can't afford it either as it costs an absolute fortune to get in to a top event for a weekend. Free meals too i seem to remember!! Happy days.


I live a 10 minute walk away from Silverstone so I'm going to give this a go!


Agreed, considering how much money there is in F1 they should pay wage or at the very least cover the expenses involved to get there to help them make their millions come smoothly to them!

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Posted 19th Apr 2013Posted 19th Apr 2013

I am going next week. whats best time to arrive


whats the deal -- just standard pricing --cold


Used to be £10 on Thursday, they then made it Friday only but made it £15, then then they made Friday £45 and now it's £65! An absolute joke. Also these words don't make me any more confident Yes I'm grumpy about this, used to really enjoy £10 Thursdays


went last year... overpriced or not I didn't give a damn and enjoyed myself... the noise F1 cars ACTUALLY make truly is something to behold


Motorsport admission prices are a joke in this country.

Save £5 off each ticket for the WEC race at Silverstone 25/25 Aug 2012
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Posted 27th Jul 2012Posted 27th Jul 2012
Save £5 off each ticket for the WEC race at Silverstone 25/25 Aug 2012
The Le Mans cars are coming to Silverstone over the Bank holiday 25/26th Aug 2012. Daily Sportscar in association with Travel Destinations are offering a £5 discount for each ticke… Read more

If you are wondering what to expect from a Sportscar race, take a look at This August, Silverstone are proud to present the inaugural visit to UK soil of the new FIA World Endurance Championship. Coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the Le Mans 24 hours race, the FIA WEC continues the tradition of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, and revives the historical thread of the “World Championship of Brands” of the 50s, 60s and 70s, the World Endurance Group C Championship of the 80s, and the World Sports Car Championship of the 90s. Driven by both professionals and gentleman drivers, the FIA WEC presents a mixed grid of Prototypes and GTs. As they race to secure vital points in their own championships, anything can happen during these long and challenging races. The FIA WEC includes four classes, two for prototypes (LMP for Le Mans Prototype) and two for GTs (LM GTE for Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance). LM P1 prototypes – driven by professional drivers and fighting for overall victory. Among the manufacturers expected are Audi, Toyota, Honda and Lola. These cars are identified by RED stickers and race numbers will be between 1 and 22. LM P2 prototypes – powered by engines derived from road cars and driven by professional and gentleman drivers. Teams buy chassis from the likes of Lola, Bitish Zytek and Pescarolo. These cars are identified by BLUE stickers and race numbers will be between 23 and 49. LM GTE Pro – reserved for sports and touring cars with major manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche and Corvette, and driven by professionals only. These cars are identified by GREEN stickers. LM GTE Am - consists of gentleman and professional drivers, but limited to one professional driver per team. These cars are identified by ORANGE stickers. The LM GTE competitors will carry numbers between 50 and 99. With plenty of action on and off the track and a full package of entertainment for all the family, what a perfect way to start the Summer Bank Holiday weekend! With FREE roving grandstand access on the Friday, and Early Bird tickets starting at just £10, this is a weekend not to be missed!

3 x Silverstone Bike Event Season Ticket plus 12 month magazine subscription
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Posted 3rd Feb 2012Posted 3rd Feb 2012
3 x Silverstone Bike Event Season Ticket plus 12 month magazine subscription
Silverstone are now ofering a fantastic deal for their 2012 Bike events. For £159, they'll give you roving access to all three of their 2012 bike extravaganzas: British Grand Prix… Read more
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You cant really vote cold as its impossible to get them cheaper. Its also good that you can spread the payments over a few months. However it doesnt state how long the free magazine subscription is for, I assumed a year but it states "worth up to £52" whereas an annual subscription to MCN is £82? Also, what do they mean by a roving pass? Access to the paddock/grandstands?

Silverstone - The Hypersonic - A ride in a 2 seater F1/GP2 race car. £53 inc transaction fee
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Posted 8th Jan 2012Posted 8th Jan 2012
Silverstone - The Hypersonic - A ride in a 2 seater F1/GP2 race car. £53 inc transaction fee
Introductory offer being offered by Silverstone for a ride in their new 2 seater race car called the Hypersonic based on F1/GP2 technology. I have previously looked to ride in simi… Read more
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340bhp per tonne!? Dunno what gp2 cars are like but F1 cars are more like 1300bhp per tonne. That 2 seater only has 220bhp as opposed to the 850bhp of an F1 car.


odered this for me and a mate...ive actually driven a car faster than this one round a track at a Palmersport day BUT being driven in one of these buy an experienced driver will make all of the difference...already very excited about this Great spot so thanks OP, heat added...and dont forget Quidco...14% I think


Do you sit in the front or the back?


It'd be good if they allowed you to race them against other HUKDers, although Health and Safety will stipulate otherwise. Heat added anyway, although wont be buying as I bought a similar deal posted on here yesterday. :)


Anyone know the cheapest life insurance...

24 Hour 50% Driving Experience Sale Starts 12pm 11/10/2010 @ Silverstone
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Posted 8th Oct 2010Posted 8th Oct 2010
24 Hour 50% Driving Experience Sale Starts 12pm 11/10/2010 @ Silverstone
Silverstone’s ONE DAY SALE on all Driving Experiences 50% SALE starts at midday on Monday 11 October
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If you live in Lincolnshire and are under 21 you can get free skid pan training at the Nettleham Police HQ


Single seat racer Itinerary 20 minutes: Safety and technique briefing 8 minutes: Driving behind pace car 10 minutes: Driving without pace car Thrill duration: 1 hour approx Sports cars . ferrari , lambo , aston martin, audi R8 3 laps Lotus exige 5 laps Itinerary Your experience will include: 20 mins safety and technique briefing 9.8 miles/5 laps approx. in a Lotus Exige S Experience duration: 40 minutes


I was bought a skid skills course at Silverstone for a birthday present. Saved my life more than twice in the years since, let alone saving loads in damage repair. If you drive a fair bit this is one of the best bargains of your life.


Silverstone’s ONE DAY SALE on all Driving Experiences - 50% SALE starts at midday on Monday 11 October [image missing]Silverstone, the Home of British Motor Racing, is delivering an early Christmas present to motoring fans this year. All of Silverstone’s Driving Experiences from their impressive range will be half price as part of a one day sale, starting on Monday 11 October at 12:00hrs*. During the limited 24 hour offer period, this incredible 50% discount will apply exclusively to online bookings made via For both the young and young at heart, Silverstone has a host of Experiences and Thrills to provide plenty of added excitement during the festive season.This one day sale represents the largest reduction in price Silverstone will offer this year on their highly popular range of Driving Experiences. To take full advantage of this early Christmas shopping opportunity, and due to limited availability, Silverstone advises fans to be quick in purchasing their selected experience during the sale.For the ultimate road car experience, Silverstone has a variety of magnificent supercars to choose from including the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Ferrari 360 F1™ Modena, Lotus Exige and the instantly recognisable Lamborghini Gallardo. So if your Christmas wish this year is to experience sections of the world famous Grand Prix Circuit from the driving seat of an iconic luxury car, it can come true as for 24 hours only Silverstone’s Experiences will start from just £87.50 with Thrills from £60.If you dream of being the next Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton, then Silverstone’s Single Seater Experience fits the bill perfectly as it’s the closest many will ever get to driving a Formula One car. Providing a super-quick taste of Formula racing, Silverstone’s fully qualified instructors will help you hone your driving skills on-track. However, for off-road fun, tackle Silverstone’s rally handling stage in a works-built Ford Fiesta ST 150.When treating someone else, Silverstone’s Super Choice Voucher makes an ideal gift and will also be half price in the one day sale, costing £70. Recipients of this voucher will get to choose from one of the many Driving Thrills available including the Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus, Fiesta Rally Car, Formula Silverstone Single-Seater and Lamborghini Thrill.There is also plenty on offer for aspiring young drivers. Rookie Drive puts teenagers behind the wheel of a dual control Renault Clio to learn essential driving skills such as clutch control, pulling away and navigating around obstacles. As an ideal gift for young adults, Rookie Drive is part of the Rookie Super Choice Voucher which is on offer at just £25. This voucher also includes the chance to choose from the Rage Buggy Experience, a Hot Ride or Tour Silverstone (for full details on age restrictions please visit download copyright free images, please click on the following link: of Silverstone’s Driving Experiences include the highest level of tuition from the circuit’s instructors. For further information on the full range of Driving Experiences and Thrills available at Silverstone, visit, or call 0844 3728 270.* This half price offer is only valid during the 24 hour sale period, which starts at 12:00hrs on Monday 11 October 2010. This offer does not apply to any corporate/VIP experiences or experiences run by third parties. Offer is only available online and is subject to limited availability. Product specific terms and conditions apply.