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Last few days of WWE DVD and Blu Ray sales! 3 for 2 and further reductions @ Silvervision
Found 20th Jun 2013Found 20th Jun 2013
This is a similar deal to posted a few months ago, however Silvervision are now in the last few days of WWE sales (after losing the contract), and are therefore looking to clear al… Read more
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Sadly, Silvervision has ceased trading now :-(


I just got 6 dvds for under £20 including two 3 disc wrestlemania's and 3 royal rumbles. free delivery too :) thanks for this.


10% off when you buy 3 DVDs

Wrestlemania 24-27 Buy 2 get 1 free @ Silvervision. 3 for £17.98
Found 26th Apr 2013Found 26th Apr 2013
Silvervision seem to have buy 2 get 1 free on everything and there are a few cheap Wrestlemanias in there including: Wrestlemania 24 £8.99 Wrestlemania 25 £8.99 Wrestlemania 26 £7… Read more
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Its definitely real!!! There is no one as superhuman as John Cena


"a scripted storyline"....surely not???


good deal. it's not faked its a scripted storyline their following.


I love wrestlemania and have done since the good old days of Hulk Hogan and the ultimate warrior but over the last year or so I've been having a terrible feeling that it is faked (i'm now 33).

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WWE - Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart: WWE's Greatest Rivalries [Blu-ray] Approx Running Time 8 hrs 22 Mins, £6.99 Delivered @ Silver Vision!
Found 16th Mar 2013Found 16th Mar 2013
Repost back in stock for under 7 notes delivered! This is a great watch for any WWF/WWE fan especially if you watched this during the 80's/90's. The interview is a full 2 hour int… Read more

Awesome, ordered this, nwo DVD and kane DVD I chose on the 3 for 2! Thanks!!


classic days of old


may not be a once in a lifetime but its a very good thing, 1 it doesnt make wrestlemania 28 any less special, and 2 it means this year cena can kick his **** rather then have to carry him


Got the Rock/Cena "Once in a Lifetime" (which is happening again this year :/) on Blu-ray for £9.99. Over 8 hours of material. Heat added thanks OP!


Just got the undertaker 20 year winning streak on wrestlemania 2 blu-ray disc for just £6.99 bargain ! I added heat for you tho.

WWE Undertaker : The Streak Blu Ray  £6.99 - From Silvervision
Found 25th Feb 2013Found 25th Feb 2013
Good deal on this blu ray set
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£6 at cex if not bothered about it being pre owned


The streak should never end FULL STOP.


No way CM Punk end's the streak the Undertaker's career end's @ Wrestlemania 30 next year undefeated the way a true legend should go out.


Great set, I would buy it if I didn't own all of the WrestleMania's before, worth it alone for his last 5 matches.


Heard cm punk is endin his streak this year at wrestlemania

Big sale on WWE Blu-rays & DVDs at
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
It seems silvervision is selling off all their products. Some graet deals
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Good price, the Punk documentary is worth the watch.


You probably wont find it cheaper anywhere else. Its probably worth £35 so £9.99 is a bargin


Those £34.99 original prices are pretty hard to believe. Tempted by the CM Punk film though unless its cheaper elsewhere.


hi yes they have lost the rights to make WWE products so are selling off all the old stock

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ALL WWE Blu Rays 9.99 Or Less @ Silvervision
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
Brilliant deal - Slivervision All Blu - Rays 9.99 or less

yeah i saw that - cool Thought id mention that all of the blu rays are on sale now


Most have been posted already by the looks of all the threads today!

nWo: The Revolution Blu-ray (2 Discs) £9.99 @ Silvervision
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
In the mid-90s, a malicious group of renegades 'invaded' World Championship Wrestling, shaking the landscape of the sports-entertainment world and turning the tables on Monday Nigh… Read more
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Hall and Nash hit their peak in WCW when they founded the nWo. Hence the reason why WCW spanked WWE for 2 years and nearly sent them out of business. WCW went out of business due to bad management, wrestlers having too much creative control and TNT selling out to executives who knew nothing about the business.


Well, yeah, but it took two years to become number 1 again and all the 'proven' older talent was signed to WCW


Hall and Nash were left WWE at their peak and never regained their fame in the dying days of WCW. McMahon recruited the younger and more brash D Generation X led by Hunter Hearst Helmsley.


rise and fall was decent, though I thought 'Monday night wars' was better, as it was more indepth.


This is pretty rubbish. Watch rise and fall of wcw as this is just pretty much footage from that mixed with a few interviews from cody rhodes.

Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain Collector's Edition Blu-ray (2 Discs) £9.99 @ Silvervision
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
The story of the WWE's most feared personality, Brock Lesnar. dvd also £9.99 The night after WrestleMania XXVIII, Brock Lesnar made a shocking return to the ring and leveled John C… Read more
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No if i find cheap ones that people might want im going to put them up. And if you dont like them just skip over them. People just want to complain about anything. Jesus this site is ment for putting up things that is cheap not just what a select few people want.


Here comes the pain of watching this rubbish.


Enough with the wrestling dvds James West!


hubby loves ufc and is a fan of brock , we watched brock fight in vegas on the 3rd july 2010 his comback ufc 116


that's cool, just be aware that some ppl may get annoyed and vote cold coz of the multi-thread regardless of the deal

No Way Out 2012 Blu-ray £6.99 @ Silvervision
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
World Heavyweight Championship Match Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler John Laurinaitis apologises to Mr. McMahon Tuxedo Match Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez Matt Striker Intervi… Read more
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At first glance I thought it was the Kevin Costner film, which is overdue a BluRay release. Dated, but a killer twist!


I pref the older stuff mate. The new stuff not as good. But people still like it.


Good work there poster, but how anyone can watch this rubbish is beyond me.

Steve Austin:The Most Popular Superstar Of All Time Blu-ray (3 Discs) £9.99 @ Silvervision
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
An in-depth look at the WWE career of wrestling star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. As well as features on Austin's background and his early years making his way in WWE, the programme … Read more
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They claim anything, but Austin did actually draw more money than Hogan in WWF/WWE




who is she?


I always thought The Rock was way bigger than Austin. I also think he is a better actor, very entertaining.


I think Austin was pretty massive during the attitude era which was one of the biggest times in wrestling. I think he was pretty much a house hold name at the time.

CM Punk: Best in the World Blu-ray (2 Discs) £9.99 @ Silvervision
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
Documentary that seeks to explore the onstage and offstage persona of the WWE wrestler, CM Punk. Since making his debut on the WWE scene as an extra at Wrestlemania XXII, where he … Read more
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There have got lot more titles back in stock to, nwo, brock lesnar as well


Back in stock just ordered great price it's £20 2nd hand at Cex


This is back in stock. I've just ordered it.


The blu ray had sold out but the dvd is still there for £8.99.


Nah, reckon they're building for Punk, Rock, Cena at wrestlemania with Punk the heel champ losing, probably to Cena

wwe blue ray dvd sale from £6.99 @ Silvervision
Found 12th Jan 2013Found 12th Jan 2013
Wwe blue ray dvd sale, starting from £6.99 to £10.99 Free delivery. - Karuma
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Nothing more has been added since the xmas sale


Ratedr69 the xmas sale only had a few titles in it as i purchased some of them this one has more titles added to it as well as the christmas ones.


Voted cole . Nothing has been added since the Xmas sale which was already on here


nice one, buzzyfunlop


Silver vision WWE blu ray sales! From £4.99.
Found 3rd Jan 2013Found 3rd Jan 2013
many deals as ; wrestlemania 28 blu ray £10 Extreme rules 2012 blu ray £7 many others but busy so could list more, its closing down so stocks whilst last. http://www.silvervisio… Read more

Cold - The sale started on xmas eve and has already been mentioned on here before


They have until july to sell all their stock before the tna contract starts


Not a good recommendation for actually receiving anything.


Change titles to: From £4.99.

Rock vs. Cena - Once in a Lifetime Blu-ray (2 Discs) 9.99
Found 24th Dec 2012Found 24th Dec 2012
After 7 Long Years A Year in the Making The People’s Champ The New Face of the WWE Social Media Warfare LockerRoom Noise Loyalty and Respect Let’s Go Cena – Cena Sucks Once… Read more
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I did a funny? I'm not even remotely trying to be humourous. The thing about it is, it's not real, it' like having an imaginary friend. If seeing topless men covered in oil, fake fight, wrestle each other is a form of excitement for you, then I guess you could consider it soft porn.


With that comment you pretty much summed up you're not the sharpest knife in the draw and unless you're actually 12 you should feel fairly embarrassed you get your kicks from badly attempting to insult people's interests. Again, would love to hear what interests you have that are impossible to laugh at.


You mean we're not allowed to laugh at the saddo's who pay real money to watch bad actors on steroids performing a 100% choreographed 'dance routine'? Lmao - sorry I did try to stop.................Lmao again.....................(Stops to get breath back)...........Sorry.


Thank God you provided that useful comment, would love to know what amazing interests you have that are impossible to laugh at.


YOU DID A FUNNY. WELL DONE! Yawn. Although as a fan of wrestling I can't believe that anybody wants to sit through this whole saga again even for this price...